Adobe aptitude placement paper

Adobe recently conducted a scheduled recruitment drive for fresh engineers. I also appeared in it. Here are some of the questions that were there in the paper.

A man can row 8 kms in still water. If in a river flowing at 2 km an hour, it takes him 24 minutes to row to a place and come back, how far of is this place?
a) 1.5 km b) 2 km c) 3 km d) 5 km

If 5 men working 7 hours a day earn Rs. 854 per week then 15 men working 2 hours a day will earn how much per week?
a) Rs. 634 b) Rs. 567 c) Rs. 989 d) Rs. 732

A container of beer was 4/5 full. When 18 cans of beer were taken out and 10 cans of oil were poured into it was ¾ full. How many cans of beer can the container contain?
a) 140 b) 120 c) 160 d) 150

X is twice as good workman as Y and together they finish the piece of work in 28 days. The number of days taken by X alone to finish the same work is
a) 42 days b) 36 days c) 25 days d) 24 days

One man want to build a wall .The length and breadth of the wall are 20 and 30 respectively. He need 35 bricks for one square centimeter then how many bricks he need?
a) 21,500 b) 30,000 c) 21,000 d) 20,000

If a pipe can fill the tank within 6hrs.But due to leak it takes 30 min more. Now the tank is full then how much time will it take to empty the tank throught the leak?
a) 78 b) 56 c) 66 d) 59
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