Adobe Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

Adobe Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

Adobe is one of the global leaders in digital marketing and digital media solutions and allows customers to create digital content.

The observed pattern for the selection procedure carried out at Adobe is; the first step is of aptitude test which is usually in the form of a written test and is in two phases, the section 1 includes questions on analytical part which carries 15 questions, quantitative part which carries 30 questions. The aptitude questions are 45 in number and you could refer R.S. Agarwal book for this section.

The Aptitude questions ranged from simple questions based on maths and geometry. The analytical part consisted of questions based on pattern matching, finding the odd man out. The total time to complete this section is of 45 minutes and hence you need to have the capability to manage your time effectively to complete the section in time.

The next section of the aptitude consists of subjective questions which you are supposed to finish in 75 minutes consisting of 20 questions. The questions asked in this section are based on the topics that you have studied in B.Tech for example, manipulation of the bits, C, JAVA, external nodes, giving programming commands, algorithms, implementation functions.

Some of the questions asked in last few of the papers are:

1. A cube of 4” has been painted blue, yellow and violet on the opposite side of the cubes. The cube has been further cut into 1 – 1” cubes.

Based on this answer the below mentioned questions.

a. How many cubes have only one side painted?

1. 8
2. 16
3. 24
4. 32

b. How many cubes have none of the sides painted?

1. 0
2. 8
3. 16
4. 24

There is also a software test which is conducted for an hour; wherein the candidate is placed in front of a system and description of 6 modules of application will be provided. The candidate is required to find the number of bugs in those modules.

Once you have crossed the software testing round you will have to appear for 5 rounds of interview wherein the 1st round of interview will be conducted by a senior team member where the focus is on codes and to find errors in those codes, simple algorithms, test cases, projects and details about yourself.

The 2nd round of interview will be conducted with a manager and will judge your technical skills; he might also ask you to solve puzzles on the whiteboard in front of him or may be questions on your college projects.

The 3rd round of interview is conducted by a senior person in the HR department who asks you questions on various topics like personal details, projects, reason why do you want to join Adobe and your goals.

The 4th round will be conducted by senior team member wherein the focus is only on puzzles and scenario based case studies for example, ways to test an imaging application to remove the red eye from the image.

The 5th and the final round will be by your immediate boss or any other senior level team member and the focus of this round will be on problem solving skills and approach of the candidate, scenario based error investigation for example failure to open a program on a particular system or error shown by a program.

This round will also contain questions on details about the company Adobe and unlike in other rounds where the interviewer helped you by giving cues to answer the question in this round the interviewer will not give you any kind of cues and might instead judge your knowledge and seek answers to the problem actually faced by them.

The interview procedure in Adobe is not only a lengthy procedure but is also very stringent, but the best way to clear all the rounds is be thorough with your technical knowledge and the basics of your engineering studies. Be confident in answering the questions and good capabilities to manage your time will answer in the written round. Also since the interview rounds, each round takes around an hour to be completed along with the waiting period, you need to showcase patience.
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