ADP Campus Placement - Reasoning Questions

ADP Campus Placement- Reasoning Questions

Here is a complied list of questions asked in the written test of ADP reasoning section:

1. Can you find the number which is greater than the aggregate of its third, tenth and the twelfth parts by 58?

B. 25
C. 140
D. 350

2. Tina’s puppy ate 100 dog biscuits on the first five days since she got it. If each day her puppy had eaten 6 more than the previous day, how many biscuits had it eaten on the first day?

A. 7
B. 8
C. 2
D. 4

3. Sunny is 12 years old. He is 3 times as old as his brother. How old will Sunny be when he is twice as old?

A. 12
B. 15
C. 16
D. 14

4. 11. Daniel spent $21 on drinks for a party. If the bottle of wine he purchased was twice the price of the bottle of champagne, and the lemonade was half the price of the champagne, how much did Daniel spend on the champagne?

A. $ 7
B. $ 5
C. $ 2
D. $ 6

5. Suresh, Ramesh and Sagar are all apple farmers who pool their crop each year to make cider. For this year’s harvest, Ramesh supplied three times as many apples as Sagar, and Suresh supplied twice as many apples as Ramesh. If the total number of apples supplied is 900 tonnes, how many did each of them contribute?

A. Suresh=270, Ramesh=540, Sargar=90
B. Suresh =170, Ramesh 340, Sargar =60
C. Suresh =670, Ramesh =840, Sargar =50
D. Suresh =370, Ramesh =440, Sargar=95

6. If it takes 2 servicemen 3 hours to repair 6 trucks, how many servicemen’s would it take to repair 22 trucks in 5 hours?

A. 2
B. 5
C. 6
D. 4

7. If in a certain language, STEADY is coded as 931785 and Entry is coded as 12345. What will be the code for the given words?


A. 918731
B. 954185
C. 814195
D. 614781


A. 956169
B. 196247
C. 352123
D. 312723

8. In a town railway station there are 25 stations on line. At each of the 25 stations the passengers can get tickets for any of the other 24 stations. How many different kinds of tickets do you think the ticket booker will have to keep?

A. 600
B. 250
C. 750
D. 315

9. KEDGY is coded as EKDYG. How will LIGHT be coded?


10. If Rajdhani is coded as Van, Van as Aircraft, Aircraft as Train, Train as Bus, then by which vehicle can you reach your journeys end in least time?

A. Aircraft
B. Train
C. Van
D. Bus

11. If ’245' means—’Artistry and Talent’ in a certain code language, ’316' means— ‘Callous to Generous’, ’147' means— ‘Callous and Polite’ then what is the code used for ‘to’?

A. Only 3
B. Only 1
C. 3 or 6
D. Only 6

12. In a code language ’579' means —’Rima is soft-spoken’, ’694' means—‘Soft-spoken beautiful pure’, ’473' means—‘Godavari is pure’, then what is the code used for ‘Rima’?

A. 7
B. 5
C. 9
D. None of the above

13. In a code language

’478' means—’Sickness Hard Blood-Pressure’,
’765' means—’Man Sickness Hard-working’,
’826' means—’Blood-pressure Lazy Hard-working’, then

(I) for which word code ’8' has been used?

A. Sickness
B. Man
C. Hard
D. Blood-Pressure

14. If Sand is coded as Block, Block as Residence, Residence as Chapel and Chapel as Palace then where do you worship?

(A) Palace
(B) Chapel
(C) Block
(D) Residence

15. In a code language ’123' means—‘Mohan is Able’, ’345' means—’Sujata is
unlucky’, ’526' means—’Mohan was unlucky’, then what is the code used for unlucky?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 1
D. None of these
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