Advantage of High frequency carrier wave & VSB Transmission

Advantage of using a high frequency carrier wave is

a.) signal can be transmitted over very long distances
b.) dissipates very small power
c.) Antenna height of the transmitter is reduced
d.) All of the above

Correct Answer: d) All of the above


The main advantage of high frequency signals is that the signal may be transmitted over very long distances and thus dissipates very less power. The antenna height required for transmission is reduced at higher frequencies. Thus, the audio signals must be sent with the high frequency carrier signals for communication purpose.

Advantage of using VSB transmission is

a.) Higher bandwidth than SSB
b.) Less power required as compared to DSBSC
b.) Both a) and b)
d.) None of the above

Correct Answer: c) Both a) and b)


In AM, the signal appears in the form of components at frequencies slightly higher and lower than that of the carrier frequency. These sidebands carry the information.

Both the sidebands are similar to each other, so one of the sidebands may be rejected. Vestigial Side Band transmission is similar to single-sideband (SSB) transmission, in which the second sideband is not completely removed, but is filtered to remove the range of frequencies that are not required.
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