Advantages and Disadvantages of being a Fashion Choreographer

What are some of the benefits of being a Fashion Choreographer?

Some of the pros of being a Fashion Choreographer are:

- The work is very innovative and potentially stimulating. The career is an excellent choice for those who love fashion, and are flexible and creative.

- It is the Fashion Choreographer, who is the real artist behind the magnificence and glitz of any Fashion Show.

- Every assignment is different.

- You keep meeting and coming across new people.

- Travelling is on the cards, if you are a fashion choreographer. Different shows...Different cities...Different people!!

What are the considerations of being a Fashion Choreographer?

Like every career, even the field of Fashion Choreography could not keep itself from the drawbacks. Some of the cons associated with the job of a fashion choreographer are:

- The work is “all consuming” and schedule becomes really hectic especially before any assignment. Long working hours are just unavoidable.

- Salary as a fresher is not very appealing.

- To become a big name is really a tough nut to crack.

- Sometimes you need to work within the budget constraints, depending on the show.

- You might sometimes come across crank and fastidious clients, who are difficult to please.
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