Advantages and disadvantages of joining the banking industry

I would like to know some positives and negative of banking sector so that I can make my decision?

Banking professional are required all the time as more demand is increasing day by day due to opening of new banks and companies started understanding the importance of having a dedicated banker. The positives of choosing this career are as follows:

- The requirement is going to increase as more companies will get open in the market

- Privatization will bring more opportunity to the students with high pay package and promotions for those who are on higher position

- It requires students with different specialization like science, arts and commerce to apply for the jobs in the bank. These people need not to be too knowledgeable about the subjects but they should have enough knowledge about it.

- National and international exposure is given in less time for the students who performs good and better than others, so the chances of growth is higher and companies provides right platform to personal and professional growth.

The negatives of having career in this sector are:

- Market fluctuate more often so it can be a challenging task to keep up with the new trends and fluctuations that comes in share market

- There are chances of instability once the market reaches recession period and several bank organizations comes under pressure to fire people

- You need to be very careful in financial matters and keep it up to date for times like this
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