Advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society

Advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society

It is becoming more and more difficult to escape the influence of the media on our lives.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society.

Media has become a mandatory component of our lives. We have entered an era where we can hardly dream of a life without media. The first impression that comes to our mind, from the term media, is television, or the Internet. Though we use media in the form of newspaper and FM Radio as well, still the first impression is the mere influence of the technology on our minds.

The drastic change in the lifestyle of common man is the gift of media to us. This gift is a double-edged sword that requires to be handled with utmost care. A small negligence can prove to be very fatal, far more than our capability to revert back.

Closely watching the influence of media, we can definitely count and rely on its advantages. The knowledge that it promotes, not necessarily bookish, but general awareness in every field, is remarkable. And the main highlight feature is the knowledge is imparted in an entertaining way. This mode of teaching is very much required to get children close to the subject, and giving them a practical application of the subject, rather than being theoretic.

The speedy information delivery was out of reach for us few years back. Media has helped us to promote and advertise any information or product, in a very quick way to the masses. The wide population that it covers would be definitely impossible without the media. Many people call media as a single sided communication, but with the advancement of the Internet, this view has also been slammed down. There are social websites, where we can share our views, opinions and ideas, answer to anyone’s query. Internet has made the world look smaller. We can communicate and be friend to unknown individual miles away from us, just within few minutes. Family can converse and interact with their children abroad through video conferencing. All these were hardly possible even on our dreams a couple of decades back.

Imagine the speed at which a news spreads to each and every corner of the country. The charm of the coverage by the media has boost the spirit of many talented people to achieve heights; in respect to be popular, people are working an extended mile. Distance is no barrier for communication and information now.

Not only the news, we can find the public polls on different topics on latest news events on the newspaper coverage on regular basis. The newspapers are the cheapest and richest source of information in reality. It covers right from politics, city, states, national, international, business, scientific, academic, recruitment property news, to movies, entertainment and matrimonial news. We get all this in just few rupees on daily basis. Media has also extended its steps in to talent hunts and receiving the public poll for the same. These could have been possible only with the advancement in media and technology.

Though we have counted numerous benefits of media, still we cannot overlook its ill-effects. On a careful analysis, we have submerged into the influence of the media to the extent, that it has received the power to hike an unwanted, useless matter and completely cover up a burning issue. Just by the way of over-emphasizing, media often create panic for a rubbish matter, when the actual status is very normal in actual world. Such a potential of spreading wrong messages to the masses leads to wrong perceptions, and a disbelief starts prevailing on the generalised manner.

The projection of the media portraying to be the opinion of the majority and the public, is often fake and a mere eye-wash. It promotes the views of the person in power in such a manner, that it seems to be the only possible option left in front of the society. This authority of brain-washing the masses is indirectly given by the common man only, who has stopped using his brain beyond the influence of media. The time today has changed to the extent that we lack the confidence to keep our view point against the opinion given by the media, though our mind, knowledge and consciousness acknowledge that we are very much correct.

To sum up, media is the best support to the mankind in the era today. But a human brain is far more better to any advanced technology. We should not forget that technology is the invention by man. So let them remain within our control, never ever authorise any technology to rule yourself, your heart, or your mind. The brain power should always win.
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  • RE: Advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society -jsa (12/30/16)
  • it helped me a lot.....

  • RE: Advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society -Jaya Priyadarshini (12/07/16)
  • Media has its advantage and disadvantage. If some are taking in a positive manner to good incident its very good but many times it happens that good happenings also taken in a wrong manner by the media and its being highlighted then that is a disadvantage.
  • RE: Advantages and disadvantages of living in a media rich society -asma (09/14/15)
  • excellent views and ideas represents about media...i agreed