Advantages and disadvantages of studying in a foreign country

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a foreign country.

Nowadays many students have the opportunity to study for part or all of their courses in foreign countries.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying in a foreign country.

“Foreign Degree” the charm of the era, is sizing its importance from time-to-time. The never fading charm has attracted many students towards itself. Not only the course and study package, the degree course from abroad educates a person to stand on his own and face the world with self-prestige and dignity.

Like any other higher education, this also has its own pros and cons. It is the individual’s decision whether to pursue the degree within our country or anywhere abroad. Though this is not everyone’s cup of tea to spend the currency as water, just to get a mere degree in hand, still those who can afford keep this as an essential option and feel its own importance. Undoubtedly, the comparison factor is only the option for those who can afford.

If we try to analyse the beneficial part of the foreign education; first and foremost, is the variety of the courses available. Student doesn’t remain constrained to a limited number of course; instead have the freedom to opt for the field of their choice. Studying a favourite field is always a better proposal. A person can enjoy his studies and more importantly feels satisfied and contended with whatever he does. Again the person studying abroad, gets influenced with the lifestyle there, and prefers settling down there with a job giving handsome salary. From the point of view of that individual, it would be an additive factor to get selected for a job with the degree of that nation.

Coming to the personality development, a stay away from home, into an alien region, teaches a person with a lot many things on how to lead a life in an independent manner. The first comes the language. Though English remains in practice is almost all the countries of the world, but to interact with people of all sects, it becomes mandatory to know the language of that place. Knowingly or unknowingly, we start memorising the day to day words which slowly teaches us the language. The language is very important to meet and interact with the local people there, and the more we meet different people, we develop our interpersonal skills.

With the growing interpersonal skills, we get to go out to the world with our independent outlook. Our life becomes our own responsibility and the ball being in our court, we need to be more vigilant on self-activities and time management. The management is not just limited to the time factor, but also the finances; that requires to be monitored from time-to-time. This imparts the saving and careful spending aptitude in a person. In such a situation, a student wouldn’t take his foot back to start with a part-time job along with his studies.

Staying abroad also exposes to the cultural diversity. We get a chance to know different cultures and customs being practised on different part of the world. Along with the culture, we can also educate ourselves with the new technologies and advancement in the field of science and technology. The latest approach could be a boon, if a smart student learns the technique and imparts the same for the betterment of our country.

Though we have discussed a lot many positive points for the foreign education, but the risk factor always follows. Being in an isolated atmosphere, there always remains the risk of any abrupt violence within the campus. In some vulnerable areas, there remains the chance of discrimination of race, gender, religion, sex etc. secondly, being away with the family definitely leads to home-sickness. Though the advanced technology helps in effective communication, but the warmth, love and affection need to be overcome.

As discussed earlier, this option is solely restricted to those who can afford the cost. Foreign education is definitely a costly affair; the cost covered in terms of education fees, accommodation, food and travel. Many people go ahead with this option going with the education loans. They are the ones who check the value of the course to get the appropriate output to gain in life after paying off the loans. So here comes the real importance of the value of the pursued degree. Many degrees are not accepted in outside countries. A student preparing for this should undergo a deep analyses before getting into the debts.

To sum up, we can just call this foreign education as an additional option for the richer class. A positive approach to the field will definitely prove to be productive. Analyse the value of the course and degree well, take a deep breath and go ahead with your career ride.
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  • RE: Advantages and disadvantages of studying in a foreign country -rishika jalan (04/12/14)
  • A great number of students are being seen taking the decision to go abroad for their higher education. Parents as well as the children view the education structure followed outside much better than that in their local country. For this reason the number of students going to a foreign country to pursue education is increasing by the day. This culture of going abroad has its very own benefits as well as hardships. Both should be kept in mind while one is deciding on this issue .The advantages of going to a foreign country are many. Firstly, you live in a completely different background with people who have different cultures and traditions. You get to learn a lot about the diverse cultures of the world and you also become independent. Secondly, it builds up your confidence level a lot. Staying alone away from home and family builds up your personality and also makes you tough to handle all situations. Thirdly, the variety of courses and subjects offered abroad are tremendous. You are not limited to only a few which are taught in your country and you have the opportunity to excel in many fields. On the other hand, the idea of going abroad also has its own disadvantages. Firstly, you are away from home and your parents. You have to manage everything on your own even when you are not well. In times of sickness when you need your family the most, you are helpless then. Secondly, everybody cannot afford to spend so much of money on a child’s education. Studying in a foreign country requires a lot of money. Along with tuition fees you also have to pay for living and accommodation. Sometimes spending this much is not worth it if you are not graduating from a decent school abroad. Thus, everything has its own pros and cons. Keeping everything in mind one should make a wise decision.