Agreements Signed by India and China: A Summary

Agreements Signed by India and China: A Summary

Question - India and China have signed 24 agreements during the recent visit of PM Modi to this country. Mention each of the agreements briefly.

• Protocol for establishment of consulates in Chengdu and Chennai and extension of consular district of the Indian consular mission in Guangzhou to include Jiangxi province

• MoU on cooperation in vocational education and skill development and establishment of Mahatma Gandhi institute on skill development in India

• MoU for consultative mechanism on cooperation in trade negotiations

• MoU on cooperation between Foreign Ministry and and Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CCCPC)

• Action plan between national railway administration of China and Indian Railways (2015-2016)

• MoU on education exchange programme

• MoU on cooperation in the fields of mining and minerals

• Space cooperation outline 2015-2020

• Safety regulations on importing Indian rapeseed meal

• Broadcasting MoU agreement between CCTV and Doordarshan

• Agreement for cooperation in the field of tourism

• MoU on setting up India-China think tanks forum

• MoU between NITI Aayog and Development Research Centre

• MoU on cooperation in earthquake science and engineering

• MoU on cooperation in ocean sciences, climate change and cryosphere

• MoU on cooperation in geo sciences

• MoU on establishment states/provincial leaders' forum

• MoU on cooperation between states and municipalities - establishment of India-China state leaders forum

• Agreement on the establishment of sister states

- between Sichuan and Karnataka
- between Chennai and Chongqing
- between Hyderabad and Gingdao
- between Aurangabad and Dunhuang

• MoU between ICCR and Fudan University for establishment of centre for Gandhian studies

• MoU for the establishment of Yoga college in Kumning

Facts and Stats

• Total of record 24 bilateral agreements worth 10 billion dollars have been signed during the PM’s visit to China

• They constituted a task force to study the trade deficit between the 2 nations

• India will also be part of China’s One Belt One Road Initiative
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