Alcatel Lucent Placement Paper - Selection Process and Test Pattern

About Alcatel Lucent

Founded in 2006, headquartered in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, Alcatel-Lucent S.A. was a French global telecommunications equipment company. In 2016, the company became the part of Nokia. It is focused on fixed, mobile & converged networking hardware, IP technologies, software & services.

In this article, I am going to discuss the selection process of campus placement at Alcatel Lucent.

Selection process at Alcatel Lucent

The selection process of Alcatel Lucent has three rounds:

1. Aptitude Test
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

Eligibility Criteria:
  • 60% in class X, XII and 70% in graduation.
  • Candidate should be from BE/B.Tech (CSE / Electronics & Communication Engineering / Applied Electronics) stream.
The first round is aptitude test which contains quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and verbal ability and technical section includes technical topics like operating system, networks and communication, computer architecture and C programming.

There is no negative marking in the test. The duration of this test is 90 minutes and total no. of questions is 70.

Time management is very important while appearing for the written test. So, make one time sheet for each section which will help you to understand in which area you are weak and have to spend more time in the test.

Some of the sample questions are asked in the Aptitude Test,

1. Speed of river is 6 km/hr. Speed of a motorboat in still water is 30km/hr. How much distance can it cover downstream in 24minutes?

2. Genny and Cherry are standing on ground 50 meters apart. The angles of elevation for these two to the top of a tree are 60° and 30°. What is height of the tree?

3. There are 30 students in a group. If all shake hands with one another, how many handshakes are possible?

Technical Interview Questions asked at Alcatel Lucent

Those who successfully cleared the aptitude test will proceed for the Technical interview. If in your resume, you have mentioned the programming languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML etc., interviewer starts asking the questions based on that. Some questions are based on your academic projects. Candidate should have a strong hold on technical subjects.

Some of the sample questions are asked in Technical Interview

1. What is the difference between PreparedStatement and Statement in java?

2. Explain abstraction.

3. What is CallableStatement? How you can call stored procedure to pass IN parameter?

4. What is Annotation in Java?

HR Interview Questions asked at Alcatel Lucent

The final round is HR interview. HR person mainly concentrated on your educational background and your personal stuff. So, be cool as possible. Try to be interactive. Answer the questions properly. Try to speak more relevant to the questions.

Some of the sample questions are asked at Alcatel Lucent,

1. What did you do in last year to improve your knowledge?

2. Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

3. Are you planning to go for further studies?

So, let's go head to see the Alcatel Lucent interview process!
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