Aliasing error and Bandwidth as data transmission rate

Aliasing refers to

a.) Sampling of signals less than at Nyquist rate
b.) Sampling of signals greater than at Nyquist rate
c.) Sampling of signals at Nyquist rate
d.) None of the above

Correct Answer: a) Sampling of signals less than at Nyquist rate


Aliasing refers to the sampling of signals less than at Nyquist rate. Nyquist rate states that the rate of sampling of signal should be greater than or equal to twice the bandwidth of the modulating signal. Aliasing is reduced if the sampling is done at higher rate than nyquist rate of sampling.

The amount of data transmitted for a given amount of time is called

a.) Bandwidth
b.) Frequency
c.) Noise
d.) Signal power

Correct Answer: a) Bandwidth


Bandwidth is the amount of data that may be transmitted over a communication channel in a specified time. It is also called transmission data rate measured in bits per second (bps). It is the amount of information that may be carried over a channel from one point to another point in a given time period.
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