All blood sports should be banned

All blood sports should be banned

Blood sports have been in discussion in last some years. The groups engaging in these activities are seen as uncivilized and insensitive to animals. All blood sports should be banned.
Evaluate the arguments in favour of and against animal experiments. What is your stand on the topic?

Blood sports are category of sports that largely involve animals and lead to bloodshed while playing them. They have been a vital part of almost every culture centuries ago. Yes, they have been in discussions over the last couple of years for a variety of reasons.

Human race has always been fascinated with violence right from the beginning of human civilization. One of the oldest forms of blood sport was the one practised in ancient Rome, where people would gather around an amphitheatre and watch multiple lions fight and tear each other apart. Indian civilization has been no less. From cock fighting to bull fighting, it has been famous for its blood sports. Some cultures have even attached mythological significance to these sports. However, apart from mythological relevance, these have been one of the major sources of entertainment for the kings and kshatriyas in the olden days.

But the times are changing now. As mankind is becoming more aware and enlightened, these sports are being viewed more as non-acceptable acts of brutality rather than sources of entertainment and hence losing their charm over the years.

I, definitely feel an immediate need to ban these sports as they do not have any fruitful significance attached to them. They portray high levels of insensitivity towards the animals.

Many parts of the world have passed various laws in their legislation to ban the blood sports but some blood sports are still legal in some cultures where people view them as a tradition more than a source of entertainment.

It is delightful to see various school and college students organizing various awareness activities to educate people about these kinds of sports and urge them to stop practicing them. Even in India, we have various acts such as “The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960” which aims to stop various sufferings to the animals such as beating, kicking, over-riding etc.

It is doubtful that blood sports will ever disappear entirely but it is sure getting diluted and continues to be a hotbed of controversy for many individuals.

PETA INDIA operates with the principals that “animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, to use for entertainment or to abuse in any way”. With growing popularity of such organizations, we can be hopeful of such brutal activities coming to a dead end in the near future.
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  • RE: All blood sports should be banned -Teena Bhatia (08/25/14)
  • Blood sports can be defined as an inhuman activity in which two animals fight with each other. The competition ends when one of the animals dies from the injuries. Some of the types of blood sports are cock-fighting, dog-fighting, bull fighting and many others. Blood sports have remained a part of the culture since ages. It is nothing but a form of violent entertainment for the human race.

    Many countries have banned blood sports and have formulated strict laws to stop the violent game. Still, people find illegal means for conducting the game. Blood Sports should not be encouraged in any country as it brings no good for anyone. It is an inhumane activity where the animals are used for pure entertainment. The greatest problem arising out of the situation is the illegal gambling on blood sports.

    People prefer to raise animals so that they can use them in Blood sports in the future. The objective is to earn money by involving in high-scale gambling. It is done secretly, and it becomes tough for the legal bodies to stop it. The sport is also linked with the other forms of crimes including weapons sale, money laundering, pet theft, drug dealing and many others. Moreover, the blood sports have a negative impact on the human brain. It can alter the personalities especially of children who tend to follow the other people actions. Kids can become insensitive to the people's feelings. They can get more violent and aggressive in their approach. Even some studies show a direct relationship between domestic violence and animal abuse.

    The people involved in blood sports go to any extent to make the most out of the game. They even administer drugs to animals so that they can fight for a longer time. From all the perspectives, Blood Sports bring only harm to animals and the human race. The inhumane activity should be stopped as animals are a creation of God, and not an object of entertainment for the human race.