Allowing Foreign Universities in India would harm India's education system

Allowing Foreign Universities in India would harm India's education system


Allowing foreign universities into India has become a bone of contention between those vociferously opposing it and others who are espousing its cause. Just like every other decision, this one has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. On the whole, however, it seems more likely that allowing foreign universities into India will not harm the Indian educational system.


• A recent survey found that a majority of those enrolled in distance education courses at Harvard University were Indians. There is already a considerable portion of the Indian population that opts for foreign degrees. They do not vie for education at leading institutions in India. For a vast percentage of these students, travelling to foreign destinations ensures that Indian money fills foreign coffers. If the Indian government wants to cut down on this flow of money, allowing foreign universities in India may be a major step in this direction.

• Moreover, these foreign universities also provide good opportunities for local academicians. There are many reputed lecturers and professors who are choosing to leave India to teach abroad because the salaries here are not commensurate with international standards. We can also prevent brain drain by allowing foreign universities in India. So many of our talented IIT students opt for higher studies abroad and choose to remain there. This is not good if we want our economy and country to progress.

• It would also spur the education system in India to improve its functioning if foreign competition is allowed. So far, Indian educational institutions have become complacent. Hefty fees are demanded by certain corrupt principals for entrance into medical, management and technical courses. This kind of corruption can be nipped in the bud if foreign universities enter into the fray.

• Indian educational institutions would also benefit from knowledge transfer, collaborations and partnerships with foreign universities that are allowed to set shop in India. It would be easier to connect with them if they are located in India. Many foreign universities can also provide top research programs in areas which are not available in India to a great extent. Courses such as sports psychology, sports medicine and sports management are rare in India. Those who want to specialize in key scientific disciplines in certain specialized fields also have no options in India. In such a scenario, offering a chance for foreign universities to establish base in India may not be a bad move. It may even encourage Indian universities to develop better courses.

• India is replete with universities that are functioning below par. Papers are leaked and corrupt teachers often encourage copying and unfair practices. Certain lecturers charge hefty tuition fees to provide coaching at home and they do not complete the courses or teach them well at the university. If we have to clean up the system, we need to allow foreign universities into India. This will benefit the Indian educational system and may even pave the way for key reforms in the educational sector.


A vast majority of Indian universities are plagued by unfair practices. Paving the way for foreign universities will only allow the Indian educational system to develop better and become more advanced. There is a question of whether such universities may end up attracting more students as compared to their Indian counterparts. But this concern should be considered along with the contention that those who want to study at foreign universities will do so anyways. Barring foreign universities from entering India will not prevent them from posing a challenge to the Indian educational system.
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  • RE: Allowing Foreign Universities in India would harm India's education system -Deepa Kaushik (05/09/14)
  • India’s education system is by far the best one in the world. What we need more is to develop our infrastructure into the field of education and coming up with more and more universities to accommodate our youth within our Universities.

    Foreign universities are just for the name and false fame to attain a degree. Many of these degrees doesn’t get notified beyond the geographical boundaries of that particular country. Indian degrees have not fetched that fate so far and is general welcomed on a high note. Indians are very much pronounced for their brain and hard work. With such a good package at hand it would be a wild though to give entrance to the Foreign Universities within India.

    With the emergence of the Foreign Universities, Indian government might not take up the issue of the necessity of expanding the infrastructure for the education field all that seriously. This would indirectly harm the education level and sharpening the intellectuals of our nation. The gems of India would no more recognize their nation as they wouldn’t get much support throughout creating a huge lose for the country.

    Hence, though not a direct impact, but Foreign Universities will indirectly harm the Indian education system and the literacy level of the citizens.
  • Allowing Foreign Universities in India would harm India's education system -Rishika Jalan (04/02/14)
  • Allowing Foreign Universities in India would harm India's education system?

    Globalization is a process where economies, cultures and societies all combine themselves through a global network of trade and communication. And in today’s age the world is witnessing a new borderless society. Global competition, cultural transformation, free flow of information and sharing of knowledge is the need of the hour. In order to maintain a competitive edge in the field of higher education, it is advisable for India to open its door for foreign universities. By doing so, India will develop a long term vision and generate a sense of competition and challenge among its students.

    To fulfill this goal India has agreed to share its education system with the foreign universities, where foreign colleges can conduct their courses and programs in India, but only in collaboration with the domestic academic laws. There are no barriers to entry to the A graded global universities into India. This will bring huge positive changes to our country. Some of which are:

    Sustaining intelligent minds

    Entry of foreign universities in India will provide the greatest opportunity to Indian students to remain in their home country and not go abroad for quality education. India can retain its brilliant minds for its growth and development.

    Greater research

    One of the greatest advantages of the entry of foreign universities into India is in the area of research. The foreign education can make a world of a difference to Indian students, encouraging them for better research and by also providing adequate funds for better quality research. Thus with foreign education, many exciting opportunities will be available for students to explore.

    No change in Indian cultures

    By staying in the home country and getting the same high quality education for less money, the entry of foreign universities in India is a boon to the entire nation. Along with this the cultural and social values of the country also remains unchanged which has high chances of getting distorted when one goes out.

    Increase in employment

    With the setting up of foreign institutes in India, the level of employment will increase drastically. Both the educated as well as the non educated segment of the country will be put to jobs and manpower will be utilized efficiently.

    To increase the standards of education in India and to explore all opportunities it is in the country’s best interest to not restrict the entry of foreign universities. It will bring no harm rather will help build our nation into a brighter economy.