Amdocs Placement Experience & Process for Freshers - 2016

Amdocs is a software and services provider to more than 300 communications, cable, entertainment and media service providers in more than 90 countries.

The company was founded by Morris Kahn and Boaz Dotan in 1982 as an offshoot of Golden Pages.

Golden Pages is the Israeli phone directory company which was owned by the Aurec group and headed by Morris Kahn.

Amdocs serves more than 25000 employes. Market insight being one of the visions of Amdocs, it is always looking for fresh talent which could provide new and innovative ideas.

Around 150 students came for the placement test of this company at our college.

In order to be eligible for Amdocs, the students should have:
  • an aggregate of 60% and above in graduation and academic years.
  • no backlogs in any of the academic years.
  • no break or gap after graduation.
The selection process of Amdocs consisted of:

1. Written Test
2. GD Round
3. HR Round

1. Written Test

Written test was conducted by AMCAT. It was divided into two parts - Aptitude and Analytical.

Aptitude test consisted of questions from quantitave aptitude, logical reasoning and learning ability sections.

Analytical test consisted of questions from technical sections – SQL, Unix, C and Java.

We had to score 30% marks overall in aptitude portion and 50% marks overall in analytical section to qualify for next round.

2. GD Round

65 students who cleared the aptitude test were divided into groups for Group Discussion and given a topic related to economical and social issues of India.

The topics were like:
  • Globalization versus nationalism.
  • Is population a boon?
  • Why do we lag behind China?
  • Education system in India.
  • Trade can help the poor.
  • Has western music invaded our culture?
  • Commercialization of health care: Good or Bad?
  • Communalism is problem of the educated.
In this round, interviewer judged students on the basis on speaking skills. So, all together 40 candidates got selected for interview.

More than your facts and figures, they look out for communication skills.

3. HR Round

The last round was interview with a HR representative. She asked about -
  • Our introduction.
  • The project we had worked on.
  • Our hobbies, strengths & weakness.
  • Reasons to work for Amdocs.
  • About relocation.
  • Few questions related to technical field.
Few tips that will help you take the selection process more confidently and effectively:
  • Practice speaking in front of a mirror to improve your communication skills.
  • Read newspapers regularly to stay updated with words, issues currently in frequent use.
  • Prepare SQL, Unix, C and Java well. You can expect to see the questions from these subjects in the analytical test and interview as well.
  • Gather information about the company.
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