Amdocs Placement Paper and Experience

I appeared for a written test for Amdocs sometime back. It was a good experience - Test pattern was a bit different than other companies. They had 3 rounds of selection - each of them was elimination round.

1. Written test - 115 questions to be solved in 95 minutes.
2. Technical Interview
3. HR Interview

The written test questions at Amdocs fall into following categories:

1. Analytical ability
2. Attention to details
3. Passage
4. Java/C++/C
5. SQL and Unix

Those who clear the written test proceed for the technical interview. The tech interview questions were related to project, C/C++/Java/SQL/Unix. I could answer the technical questions satisfactorily and moved to the HR round of interview.

During the HR round they asked me:

1.) Tell me something about yourself.
2.) Why do you want to work at Amdocs?
3.) What are your hobbies/ strengths/ weaknesses?
4.) Are you Okay with relocating? Moving outside India in 3 months?
5.) Do you have a passport?
6.) Do you have any questions for us?

I hope these questions help some of you in facing the interview at Amdocs.

Wish you good luck
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