Analytically evaluate the solutions to traffic problems

Analytically evaluate the solutions to traffic problems

Solutions to traffic problems:
a.) Tax private car users
b.) Use the money collected to improve public transport.

Analytically evaluate the solutions & list their advantages and disadvantages.

Traffic is one of the biggest challenges for the big cities all over the world. But I believe that there are a number of ways in which this problem can be addressed. Imposing tax on private car users may not be necessarily needed.

One of a really practical solution is to encourage people to use public transport. In developing countries, public transport may not be in very good shape and may need lot of investment to revamp the same. However, Government has been taking steps over the last few years to address the issue of public transport. In India, for example, the development of Metro train has caused a revolution. It has definitely made the life of middle class easier and also helps in addressing the traffic problem to an extent.

Another alternative is to encourage people to go in for “car pool” and the organizations should reward their employees in some way who opt for car pool as this is a step directly towards traffic reduction and environmental protection at large.

Also, efficient traffic management can help reduce the problem to a great extent. For this, extensive trainings should be imparted to the traffic police department from time to time incorporating latest and more innovative techniques of traffic management.

Also, severe steps should be taken against the parking of vehicles on the road side. In Delhi itself, it is a normal trend for people to park cars on the road – side or in the no parking zones thereby leading to congestions and traffic jams. Strict laws should be made and enforced about the same so that unnecessary clogging of roads can be avoided.

I believe that the approach towards addressing the traffic problem should be rewarding the people who do their bit by following the rules and regulations, by opting for car pools or by travelling by public transport rather than penalising the private car owners with another tax as it may various psychological implications.

Government has also joined hands with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Global Road Safety Programme to implement good practices in road safety like promoting motorcycle helmets, reducing drink-driving in addition to monitoring traffic conditions and taking necessary measures to reduce the same.
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  • RE: Analytically evaluate the solutions to traffic problems -Nitin (01/27/15)
  • Traffic is a problem not only in India but all over the world. traffic not only waste the time of people but also harm the environment .The problem of traffic can resolved by making some of the new policy.
    People should be encouraged to use public transport , but the problem here is to convince the people because people are not usually ready to give up their luxury,so the govt has no option rather imposing a tax policy .
    Big corporations have to make a mandatory regulation that the employees should be banned from using their personal vehicle to the office , either they should opt for a public transport or the corporate transport vehicle which accommodate 50 people .
    Traffic rule policy should be re framed so that anybody violating the the rule has to heavily penalized .
    Govt should closely monitor the corruption of traffic police in the cities.
  • RE: Analytically evaluate the solutions to traffic problems -Teena Bhatia (09/04/14)
  • Time and energy are the two most precious assets in life. These two assets get wasted in the most widespread problem of traffic. There are many ways through which traffic congestion can be reduced. They are:

    • It is important to analyze the allowed subsidies in the automobile segment. They create the major problem of high traffic on roads. The elimination of subsidies can solve the problem to a great extent. At the same time, the implementation of extra charges like parking cash-out can reduce the car commuting on roads. The taxes can be raised in a balanced way which doesn’t put an extra pressure on the local masses.

    • Traffic calming is one of the significant ways to reduce the congestion on roads. It is necessary to understand that number of vehicles is increasing day by day on road. It is natural to have some problems but it is not acceptable to have a series of problems on daily basis. It can be solved by reducing dependency on the vehicles. A decline in auto usage will automatically solve the problem to greater extent.

    • Mass transit is another way to reduce the traffic problems. People can take bus or train instead of their cars to travel around. It will also help them to save costs and will reduce environmental damage.

    • In the fast paced world, people often take cars or scooters for travelling a small distance. Instead of taking the vehicle, they can choose for active transportation. Again, it will provide other benefits like improved health, low fuel bill and reduced pollution.

    • A simple step that can make a big difference is to pay attention while you are driving on road. Follow the simple rules to keep the traffic going smoothly.