Andhra Bank Selection Procedure

Andhra Bank Selection Procedure

Andhra Bank has been founded by a freedom fighter, Dr. Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya in 1923. The bank has its branches spread across all over India as well has its presence felt internationally in countries like USA and UAE.

The selection procedure of Andhra Bank includes of a written test followed by a HR round of interview and at times a group discussion round is also conducted which is completely on the discretion of the management. The written test is conducted to measure your problem solving capabilities and time management skills and the time allotted for the test is that of 1.5 hours. The questions in the written exam cover the following sections, reasoning ability which carries 75 marks worth questions, 50 marks questions on quantitative aptitude, 50 marks questions on general awareness and another 50 marks worth questions for English Language Section. Until and unless you do not score 40% marks in the written test you do not qualify for the Interview round.

Once you successfully clear the written test you are then eligible for the HR interview round. The HR interview round is conducted to analyse the candidate’s leadership qualities, ability to work under stress, interpersonal skills, communication skills and decision making qualities of the candidate. The questions asked in this round are usually covering the personal and educational background of the candidate, internships or projects undertaken by the candidate, some questions based on the profile applied for by the candidate and certain questions from the banking industry.

Some of the interview questions faced by the candidates’ are:

• What is your understanding of logistics?

• Why do you need to work when your father is already employed?

• Are you aware about the new ultra mega power projects in India, where are they located?

• When you have graduated in Engineering, why do you want to join the banking industry?

• What are your future goals?

• If we hire you, how will the company benefit from you?

• Differentiate between realisation account and revaluation account.

• In which field is your father working?

• What is difference between fiscal and monetary policy?

• Which would you prefer more – banks or non - banking finance companies?

• State the difference between cheques, Demand Draft, bill of exchanges and certificate of deposit.

• How do you see the banking industry’s growth in the coming five years?

• Differentiate between direct and indirect taxes in India?

• What is the role of RBI in the Indian Economy?

• State the different types of bank accounts and the rates of interest implied on those accounts?

• Give your views on Inflation, is it good or bad for the economy and how shall you control it?

• State the difference between FDI and FII. Is FDI good for the economy and why should there be limitations especially in some parts of the country?

• What is stock exchange? How many stock exchanges are there in India?

• List the number of shares on NSE and BSE?

• State you strengths and weaknesses? How will you overcome your weaknesses?

• Which is your native place and what are the tourist spots near your native place?

• What was the headline in today’s newspaper in both the financial section as well as the Main Page?

• What are the functions of the bank and what is the role of banking in the country’s economy?

• What are NPA (non - performing assets)?

• How will you use the technical knowledge for correcting the balance sheet?

• Do you think you will be the right fit for the banking industry? Why?

Lastly, if the Group Discussion round is held, then it is conducted to judge the listening and communication skills of the candidate, awareness about the current issues in the society. The Group discussion round is based on the number of vacancies and the number of screened candidates, if the number of screened candidates is huge then Group Discussion round is held for further screening. The current topics and general knowledge topics are the usual discussion topics provided to the candidates. 8 – 10 candidates’ group is formed and a topic is given to them for them to initiate the discussion. Usually 10 minutes preparation time is provided for the students to think over the topic and accumulate points that they can discuss on.

You should be well informed with the current issues and the banking terms and policies for you to be able to clear the interview successfully.
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