Are doctors, nurses and other important professionals paid less?

Teachers, doctors, nurses are the building blocks of our society but are paid peanuts in comparison to what the people in glamour world earn.

-How far do you agree?

-What criteria should be used to decide how much people are paid?

The transformation of our society has also meant a change in the kind of jobs which people opt for nowadays. However, traditional career options such as teaching, nursing and becoming a doctor still remain very popular with young people. This is because they not only are fundamental to the society but also provide a mental satisfaction of helping someone.

However, the allure of glamour world has started changing the preferences of a large number of youth. Promises of lucrative career along with a high class lifestyle are some of the things which strike your mind while talking about glamour world. The increasing influence of media, sports and businesses in glamour world is also a vital reason for the rising importance of glamour world.

It is ironical that the building blocks of our society are the most lowly paid. The scarcity of teachers and professors in institutions across the country can largely be attributed to the kind of money which is provided. While medicine has been a popular career option for people since ages, a chunk of people who become doctors either join private hospitals or else try their luck abroad for higher remuneration. The rest of them are visible in small nursing homes or inefficient government hospitals that are just operating for the sake of it.

On the other hand, nursing, an extremely critical element of health industry, has not been given importance beyond an aid to the doctor. Nurses are critical not only for war patients but also for patient care. Since nurses are not well paid in the country, they end up going to hospitals abroad for jobs where they are well paid as well as respected for their work.
Much importance is being given to the glamour and entertainment industry of the country. While money is being splurged on advertisements, movies and even sports tournaments, there is no attempt at ensuring that the fundamentally crucial blocks of society are paid well and more people are encouraged to take up these careers.

Although there is no fundamental yardstick for deciding the remuneration in various fields but both morally and ethically, there has to be standardization on the wages or remuneration of people taking up professions such as teaching, nursing or medicine. The vitality associated with these professions is being lost because of our own ignorance of acknowledging the importance of people in these professions and compensating them well.

When we do not shy away before spending a quick buck on a movie or a show or even before installing a television, there should not be a single thought while consulting a doctor or even having a good teacher for the child.
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