Are schools in India competent to handle sex education classes?

Are schools in India competent to handle sex education classes?
Sex education classes are an important step in the modern world to make inform teenagers about the good and bad practices of sex. It is a very controversial issue especially in the country like India that follows conservative approach in handling sex education. However, it is necessary to understand that the education is not confined to sex. The many issues like sexual reproduction, sexual diseases, sexual health and many others are linked with it. Parents are not comfortable about discussing such matters with children and therefore, schools have to take the initiative to pass the learning. Even if it happens, do you think that schools in India are competent to handle sex education classes?


• To avoid the embarrassment among the students, teachers can always take the sessions separately for girls and boys.

• There is no need to tell all the details. Only specific problems related to sex indulgence in scientific way should be given.

• Teachers know how to use the right language and avoid street slang while delivering the sex education classes.

• India is no more a conservative country. It has made progress in several areas like adoption of living-in relationship, widow marriage and so on.

• Coming to technology and resources, it has got hand on everything and teachers can use PPTs presentations to convey the message properly.


• Teachers are not trained to take sex education classes. So, the wrong way of imparting lessons can do more harm than benefits.

• Many schools don’t have the proper resources and infrastructure to take regular sessions. Special classes for sex education and awareness hold no scope.

• Competency does not mean that schools should have tangible resources. It also suggests that schools should have open minded teachers who support the thought. One should not
forget well educated health minister Harsh Vardhan opposed sex education few months back.

• Many political parties consider the sex education as against Indian values, and when the mindset doesn’t favor a thought, all the resources seems useless.

• The education can be imparted only when teachers and school authorities learn the difference between comprehensive sex education and Abstinence-Only Programs.


Sex education classes are important as they help the students to know about safe sex, reproductive system and sexually transmitted diseases. However, it is more important to focus on the methods of delivering the information to students. For it, first it is essential for the teachers to get the formal training on how to take sex education classes. It should in no way take an inappropriate or vulgar form in schools. Indian schools can impart it well. The only need is to start the practice as soon as possible.
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  • RE: Are schools in India competent to handle sex education classes? -Deepa Kaushik (09/17/14)
  • Before discussing the topic of competency in Indian schools to handle the sex education classes, we need to perceive the Indian mentality regarding the sex education amongst children. In India, the children and youth are far more forward in their thoughts and values as compared to the middle-aged and old. Even the much sophisticated and educated class stick to the out-dated thinking and mind-set, forgetting the requirement of passing the correct message to the children.

    For the schools being competent enough, these classes doesn’t require any special requirement. Just well-educated teachers with the capability of passing the message, and delivering the implications and pros and cons of the sex education would suffice the competence factor. Schools are already equipped with the computers, though its not a necessity to convey the teachings through the technology. But, if provided, computers can ease out the burden of teachers in usage of appropriate scientific and socially-acceptable language to term and impart the education without any scope of embarrassment.

    Children are already into the biology education in their higher secondary level where the teachers are delivering their potential well in conveying the details even in a co-ed with great decency and ethics. The requirement gets extended further during the sex-education and this could be done with separate sessions for boys and girls. Teachers in India and well-educated and talented enough to deliver the requirements within the sphere of decency; and children too are matured enough to imbibe the things with due respect for each other.

    It is incorrect to think that the sex-education in schools would open up the minds of children towards unwanted fantasies. Sex education is far beyond the usual thinking of the physical attraction and physical relationship. The education deals with the biological frame-work of the human body and physiological functioning of our organs and organ-systems with respect to the differences in the gender. This undoubtedly includes the importance of physical relationship and verge of abstinence which is very much required to be known by the present day children and youth. Even if the parents and schools fail to convey the things, children are getting the things through the internet and related sources which often ends up in polluting their minds more than teaching them the genuine details.

    Hence, instead of discussing the competency of the schools and requirement of sex-education in the schools, we should take appropriate measures to start on with the classes for the children and help them gain the correct knowledge regarding the practical values of relationships in life.