Are the huge expenses on election campaigns justified?

Are the huge expenses on election campaigns justified?

Elections are here and with the advent of the elections political parties are out on the field with their well designed advertising campaigns. Elections have always witnessed and supported the candidates’ election expenses rising, beating the inflation rate. This year elections are no exception. As per the estimate of Centre for Media Studies, this year the economy is going to witness the huge campaign expenditure which is estimated at Rs. 30,000 crore. And if we believe the statistics, it is going to be the second huge sum incurred, second only to the most expensive US presidential campaign of all time.


1. The expenditure made on the political campaigns works as a boost to a country’s economy. This year the election spending is expected to show considerable growth in the Indian consumption expenditure in the second quarter of 2014.

2. Election campaigns can be termed as the events organized which insures the political party against the rumored outlays of the rival. Especially the candidates who are new have to use the well –financed campaigns to reach the masses.

3. The expenditure incurred during the elections benefits a wide range of businesses. The sectors which get the maximum advantage are media groups and advertisers generating good revenue out of the campaign ads. According to an outlook by the country's largest local agency, Madison Media, this year India's advertising industry expects to see an $800 million injection during the election season

4. Past performance of the parties is not sufficient to lure the vote bank. This is clearly proved by the high-octane campaign planned by pro-business BJP candidate for Prime Minister, Narendra Modi this year.

5. The world runs on a simple rule of give and take. The campaigns are fair means to present your party in front of the masses. Even if the direct costs made on the campaign are stopped, it will lead the special interest groups to shift their resources from campaign contributions to lobbying.


1. Amid the euphoria of the political campaigns done to use the money power, the people and the parties may be losing sight of a very important message. The point is simple. Elections can be fought and won without spending insane amount of money. The special campaigns where the candidates representing the party approaches the voters with sincerity, the votes arrive in the ballot box, almost for free.

2. If you look back at the Vidhan Sabha elections, AAP successfully used the low-cost budget campaign and even managed to get the required votes to win the election.

3. The political campaigns generate an opportunity for the business people and other entities to en-cash their black money. Even the money is retained by the candidates, implying that the outflows on the political campaigns are far more than the normal requirement.

4. It is the unfair way to win the elections where the people’s thoughts and perceptions are influenced by the money power.

5. The use of black money in the political campaigns initiates a start of the ruling government which once comes in power will be ruled by the money-grabbing politicians.


Money is power and it plays an important role to help the candidate to achieve his goals. It necessarily doesn’t support the idea that the person who raises and spends the most wins every time, but it's close. The proportionate allocation of funds along with the information and debates financed and presented by independent media and independent political groups should be the way to reach the local masses.
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  • RE: Are the huge expenses on election campaigns justified? -Asha Kanta Sharma (02/17/18)
  • All Political Parties must come under RTI and all donations details should be made transparent and public. Election are clearly shows us the amount of Black Money in our economy.

    If you really want to clean your house, start cleaning at the top. “Jhadu uppar se lagai jaati hai” is the common Hindi saying.

    The prime minister wants to eliminate corruption and black money from the country. However, as former BJP general secretary and a veteran politician who has run various elections campaigns, he should have known that political parties sit at the top of the ladder of black money.

    Politics paise waalon ka khel hai (politics is a game for the rich) is a common belief.

    Politicians and black money go hand in hand. In north Indian states likes Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar, MLAs move around in a fleet of SUVs, with a host of lackeys in tow. Each minister is a parallel economy unto himself, his cronies entirely dependent on him for survival and more.

    Who finances their politics? Most government contracts – for roads, bridges, liquor and so on – are cornered by cartels controlled by the legislators themselves. These contracts generate cash in abundance to keep the political cycle of an average legislator lubricated. Many ministers and MLAs are strongmen – extortion, protection money, supari and other kinds of crime proceeds add to their well of black money.

    A large part of the black money thus generated goes to party funds. The deeper the war chest of a party, the more power and influence it has and greater are its chances of winning an election.

    In addition, parties are funded by contractors and corporations. Bigger the party, bigger the corporations financing it. Departments like public works, urban development and irrigation make major contribution to party funds. Contracts are awarded in government departments, but decided in party headquarters.
  • RE: Are the huge expenses on election campaigns justified? -Deepa Kaushik (04/19/14)
  • Huge expenditure on election campaigns and rallies are mere wastage of money. India is a developing nation which has a lot many priorities in its list to be fulfilled to compete in this world. Right from the basic necessities of food, shelter, to the demand of the era like education, employment, civic necessities etc., we need to invest a lot on these.

    We definitely lack funds to use for the right cause, but India cannot be called a poor nation, as we have loads of money with the rich and stronger section of the society under the cover of black money. We have much uncountable, cash to spend for the election campaign which would not yield anything productive for the society or nation. These campaigns are mere show off to the society to popularize an unfamiliar face who is going to contest election and will become unfamiliar once again following the election period.

    Despite wasting crores of rupees on these worthless campaigns, they can be used for feeding the poor section of the society and spreading literacy and awareness among the ignorant masses. Infrastructure to the educational institutions, medical facilities, building civic amenities etc. could itself popularize a governing body without the requirement of these campaigning.