Areas to specialise in the field of Taxation

What are the different specialisations that I can do in the field of taxation?

Now this decision is based on every individual’s interest and what they want to specialise in when searching for a job in taxation. There are various specialisations in fields such as -:

Property tax consultants – They are basically experts who have thorough knowledge and understanding of the various Property tax rules and regulations, and provide such information to the clients who are interested seekers for such kind of information. They also advice clients on property taxes which may deal with landed property, commercial, residential as well as other kinds of property.

Income tax consultants – These are those professionals or advisors who help a client or an individual in filing your income tax returns every year. They are aware of the various income tax rules and provide service to clients who are individuals as well as corporate.

Business tax consultant – These consultant’s deals with various issues relating to taxes that a business man must handle for his business to grow and establish efficiently and effectively. Thus, we can say that business tax consultant gives advice to business houses regarding various business tax issues that are plaguing them.

Sales tax consultant – A person who gives advice to clients regarding numerous sales tax as well as value added tax related issues for which they may be seeking clarification, information or advice are known as sales tax consultant.
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