ASI Discovery at Hampi and Reasons Behind the Decline of the Vijaynagar Empire

ASI Discovery at Hampi and Reasons Behind the Decline of the Vijaynagar Empire

Question: ASI scientists have recently discovered some rare rock sculptures in Hampi. Trace the importance of this discovery and the reasons behind the end of the Vijaynagar empire.

Discovery at Hampi

• T. M. Keshava and his team of researchers have discovered some rare rock sculptures at Hampi

• Sculptures of Vishnu were found in the form of Dhanwantri sculpted on the cliff of a gigantic boulder

• Alongside this was was a sculpture of Lord Rama in shooting pose and Lakshmana in royal attire with Hanuman in the background

• The sculptures were found buried beneath thick vegetation; findings may date back to earlier Vijaynagar period

• This is the first time such sculptures have been found

• Further exploration of the area can lead to discovery of unknown stages of the architectural history of Vijaynagar

Reasons Behind the Fall of the Vijaynagar Empire

The reasons for the decline of the Vijaynagar Empire include the following:

• A government which was authoritarian and despotic

• Countless wars of succession between the descendants of Krishna Deva Raya

• Weak successors of Krishna Deva Raya
• Continuing wars with neighbouring Bahamani Kingdom

• Lack of control over provincial governors

• Continuing social evils

• The intervention of Bijapur

• The invasion of Ahmednagar

• The Battle of Talikota led to the conception of the Aravidu dynasty as well

• Ranga III was the last important ruler of this dynasty

• Slowly, the empire split into numerous independent units ruled by local princely families

• Indiscriminate exploitation, ardent desire to develop military might at the cost of natural resources and clever strategy of the British all played a role in the disintegration of the Vijaynagar empire

Facts and Stats

• Battle of Talikota was fought in 1564

• The decisive battle was fought in 1565

• The decline of the Vijaynagar empire was hastened by the death of Krishnadeva Raya in 1529

The final end came in 1565 when Ramrai could not hold back Adilshahi, Nizamshahi, Qutubshahi and Baridshahi in the Battle of Talikota. Following this, the kingdom broke into small states.
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