ASP.NET MVC - Explaining MVC

What does MVC represent in ASP.NET?

- MVC stands for Model-View-Controller pattern that represents an architectural pattern for software.

- This separates the components of a Web application and helps in decoupling the business logic.

- It gives more flexibility to overall architecture that allows the changes to be made to a
layer, without affecting the other.

-M represents the Model view that specifies a specific domain data.

-V represents the view of the user interface components used to display the Model data.

-C represents the Controller that handles the user interactions and events. It manipulates the updates that model reflect at every change of the state of an application.

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  • What do Model, View and Controller represent in an MVC application? -MVC application (07/15/12)
  • What do Model, View and Controller represent in an MVC application?

    -MVC framework is a development method in which application is divided in three components: Model, View and Controller

    -Model: In model we have to write our business logic and all the methods for data manipulations (CRUD)

    -View: This component is responsible for user interface of the application.

    -Controller: Controller handles the request and sends the response. It sends the request to View as a response or to Model. It acts as a mediator between Model and View.
  • Which are the advantages of ASP.NET MVC framework? -ASP.NET MVC framework (07/15/12)
  • -MVC framework is divided in model, view and controller which help to manage complex application. This way it divides the application in input logic, business logic and UI logic.

    -MVC framework does not use view state or server-based forms which eliminate the problem of load time delays of HTML pages.

    - MVC support ASP.NET routing which provide better URL mapping. In ASP.NET routing URL can be very useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Representation State Transfer (REST).

    -MVC Framework support better development of test-driven development (TDD) application.

    -In MVC Framework Testing becomes very easier. Individual UI test is also possible.