ASP.NET MVC flow to process of the request

What is the flow of processing of the request?

The steps used by MHPM are as follows:

1. Client requests the server for processing. ASP.NET engine at that time create an event that is used to inject the customized logic. There are different types of events that can be used like BeginRequest, AuthenticateRequest, AuthorizeRequest, etc.

2. When the events are fired then the engine invoke additional processes like ProcessRequest that is handled by HttpHandler and this only implements it to handle the request.

3. HttpHandler executes the business logic that creates the page object. During the creation of the mage many events are fired that helps in writing the custom logic inside the page events. The events are as follows: Init, Load, Validate, Event, Render and Unload.

4. HttpModule provides the post page execution i.e. when the page object is executed and unloaded from memory. The events that are required during post execution is as follows: PostRequestHandlerExecute, ReleaserequestState, UpdateRequestCache and EndRequest.
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