ASP.NET MVC folder conventions

What are the ASP.NET MVC folder conventions?

ASP.NET MVC is a framework that focuses on convention over the configuration. The folder structure is very essential for every framework to see:

-App_Data: this contains the database files like local instance SQL server express database files.

-Content: it contains the static content that is used for the web application building like CSS, images, etc.

-Controller: it contains the controller classes that are used in ASP.NET MVC architecture.

-Models: it consists of the model classes that are used to interact with the content and go in sync with the MVC architecture of the ASP.NET.

-Scripts: JavaScript files that include the AJAX library and jQuery script files.

-Views: it contains the frontend view that will be seen after the model is rendered.

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  • RE: ASP.NET MVC folder conventions -Anil Singh (11/24/14)
  • You need to add "App_Start" etc.