Assistance to Farmers of Hilly States - Steps by Government

Assistance to Farmers of Hilly States – Steps by Government

Question: Farmers in India face a lot of obstacles, including lack of irrigation and financial assistance. Discuss the steps taken by the government of India to provide assistance to farmers of hilly states.

Steps to Provide Assistance to Farmers of Hilly States

• GoI provides financial assistance for buying electrical pump sets up to 10 horsepower for farmers under NMOOP/National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm at 50% of the cost limited to INR 15,000 per pump set

• It also provides assistance for the same under the National Food Security Mission at 50% of the cost restricted to INR 10,000 per pump set

• Seed subsidy has been provided to these farmers by the Department of Agriculture:

- Rice Hybrid has been given subsidy of Rs per Quintal at INR 5000
- For HYV/High Yielding Varieties Rice, the amount is INR 1000
- For Wheat HYVs, it is also INR 1000 and it is INR 5000 for Coarse cereals
- For Coarse Cereals HYVs, it is INR 1500 while for Pulse HYVs, it is 2500
- It is INR 1200 for Oilseeds HYVs and 2500 for Oil Seeds Hybrid
- (or 50% of the cost, whichever is lower)

• Additional transport subsidy is available for seeds of all crops exempting potato for NER, HP, Uttarakhand, Hill areas of WB and J&K

• 100 percent difference between rail and road transportation charge is reimbursable to states/agencies for movement of seeds from outside to state capital

• Actual cost limited to a maximum of INR 120 per quintal (whichever is lower) is reimbursed for seed transportation from state capital to outlets within state

Facts and Stats

• Government has introduced following schemes to accelerate growth rate and increase investments

• Schemes focus on raising farm incomes of agriculturists in hilly regions
• GoI has provided:

- Financial incentives
- Grants
- Concessions
- Subsidies

• The various missions/schemes under which assistance is being provided include:

- National Crop Insurance Programme/NCIP
- Krishonnati Yojana/Central Sector+ State Plan
- Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana/RKVY
- Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana
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