ATOS Origin Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

ATOS Origin Campus Placement - Procedure & Information

ATOS is a global Information Technology consulting company and works with clients across different business sectors like Manufacturing, Retail, Public Sector, financial Services and Media.

Usually in most of the companies, the interview selection procedure consists of written tests, technical round and HR interview, so is the similar case with ATOS origin. The observed pattern followed by ATOS is, they begin with a written test which consists of Aptitude Test.

The aptitude section consists of questions based on Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and verbal English which is usually includes Essay writing topics, the most common essay topic provided to the students is of ‘effectiveness of technology in medical services’. The entire aptitude test is of 90 minutes, wherein 75 minutes you get for the logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude and 15 minutes for essay writing section. ATOS also has negative marking for this section and hence it is important to keep in mind that you attend questions first that you are confident of, and do not try to attempt any of those questions which you are not aware of.

The second important thing to crack this level is time management. Since you get 75 minutes to answer 40 questions along with negative marking, hence it is necessary for the candidate to have time management skills and attempt only those questions which you are confident of.

The next round consists of the Technical as well as the HR round. The questions usually range from personal details to educational background, likes and dislikes of subjects and lastly technical knowledge on languages like C, C++, DBMS, OS, SS, Data Structure and lastly software models and software testing is verified. The next round is of the HR, wherein questions in this round range from, personal background, i.e., family details, passports, willingness to work and travel abroad frequently, and once you have cleared all the rounds successfully the salary negotiations happen at the last stage.

For an individual to crack an interview, it is necessary for you to be confident and hold a positive outlook. The next important thing is time management for written tests. Be thorough with the technical knowledge and any one or two subjects along with your general knowledge. Be confident in answering questions in the technical round and if you have to ask questions, ask intelligent questions. Also while you are doing the pre- preparation for the interview, please go through the company profile and details like who are the board of directors, clients, which countries do they have their offices in, etc.
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