B.Tech/BE freshers - CV samples and formats

B.Tech/BE freshers - CV samples and formats

Ganesh Acharya
Email - XXXXXX@gmail.com
Mobile: +91-XXXXXXXXXX
Curent location - Pune


To work in globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction and a steady-pace professional growth.


B.Tech [EEE] - College - % or grade - year
Intermediate - College - % or grade - year
SSC - College - % or grade - year


-Operating System: WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7, Unix, MS-DOS.
-Software Language: C and Data structure, Java, Oracle.
-Computer Application: MS OFFICE.


-Attended for National Level Technical Symposium in JNTUA, Anantapur and CBIT & VBIT at Proddatur.
-Participated as coordinator and volunteer in Technical Functions.
-Participated and won Cricket Tournaments as Captain.
-Participation in Social Welfare Activities .


Project Title: XXXXXXXXXX
Description: XXXXXXXXXX


Date of birth -
Languages Known
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  • B.Tech freshers CV sample

    Mobile: +91-85********

    Career Objective

    Looking for an opportunity to work in a challenging position to prove my computer science skills and utilize my knowledge & intelligence in the growth of organization.

    Key Skills

    -Language: C, C++, Core JAVA, Adv JAVA, C# and ASP.NET.
    -Database: MySQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i.
    -Operating Systems: MS DOS, Windows 98/2000/xp.


    -Excellent communication skill.
    -Ability to grasp the new skills very fast.
    -Hard working.
    -Excellent knowledge of Computer Science subjects.

    Academic Qualification

    -B.Tech (CS) from “XYZ University” with 79% in 20**.
    -HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with 75% in 20**.

    Academic Projects Undertaken

    Project: Enterprise reporting system
    Team size: 6
    Front End: C#
    Back End: SQL
    Project description: The project is based on finding out the threats and unauthorized user. The project facilitates the building of contingencies thus contributing to the need and slows down the attack and resolve the issue.

    Vocational Trainings

    -Successfully completed vocational training with “XYZ” company from May 20** to July 20**.
    -Successfully completed Industrial training with “XYZ” company from Dec 20** to Feb 20**.


    -Secured first position in HSC Board exams at School.
    -Won 4 prizes in ad-zap event in
    -Won in Software Debugging event in

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Participated in various sports and athletic events.
    -Participated in Annual Sports Day at school.
    -Participated in various cultural events in School and Colleges.


    -Table Tennis
    -Blog writing on internet.
    -Web Searching

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 19 May 19**.
    Languages known: Hindi and English.
    Address: XYZ.
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  • Jitu Agarwal
    Mob: +91-XXXXXXXXXX


    -Over 3+ years of IT experience in financial domain environment in all phases of Application Programming.
    -Extensive experience in analyzing and improving application performance using various techniques both at business layer as well as tools layer, troubleshooting issues.
    -Hands on Experience in object-oriented design methodology and application development.
    -Experience in Writing SQL queries and SQL Functions, Procedures, Triggers etc. in SQL and create Data as per Business requirements.
    -Build and Deployment of C, C++, C#.Net Projects.
    -Expertise in setting up the Build and Release environment
    -Expertise in Visual Source Safe tool.
    -Knowledge and experience in every phase of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).


    B.Tech from JNTU University, Hyderabad.


    .Net Technologies - ASP.NET,ADO.NET,WCF,WebServices,C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX.
    Protocols - TCP/IP, UDP/IP, FIX.
    Database - SQL Server 2005/2008, MYSQL 5.5.
    Operating Systems - Windows95/98, XP, Windows NT
    Front End Technologies - Java Script, HTML, XML, CSS.
    IDE Tools - Visual studio 6.0/2005/2008
    Version Control - VSS
    Other Languages - C


    ABC Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad - Jan2012 – Till Date
    Software Engineer
    Project: Brilliant Automatic Trading System (NSE Exchange)
    Client: Brilliant Securities Limited.

    Brilliant ATS an application based trading front-end for Institutional Clients and In-house. It is connected to broker’s servers by using the internet. This software generates and executes orders on the basis of predefined parameters. The automated trading software is of utmost use for arbitrageurs, investment banks, institutions and big fund houses and for all whose business is high volume, high value, and cross-market, complex and intensive. Models include future to future, Cash to future and Volatility Trading. The software performs various additional checks before execution of the trades. Depth of a particular stock, absolute quantity check, etc. is some of the checks performed to maintain Risk Management.


    -Responsible for Analyzing and Designing the application Modules
    -Responsible for defining control parameters for Algorithmic / strategy trading
    -Coordinated with Mathematicians for implementing the Algo Models on Test Market.
    -Involved in Designing and Optimization of Database
    -Worked with Development and Technical teams for the integration of All Modules.
    -Participate in design, architecture, and code reviews
    -Understanding the technical & functional specifications
    -Responsible for implementing the trading Rules
    -Implementing Algo and Quant Models based on Rules

    Environment: Visual Studio4.0, C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, VSS, Windows2003server, Windows Sockets, Web Services, MSSQL server 2005.

    ABC Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad - May 2011 – Dec2011
    Software Engineer
    Client: Brilliant Securities Limited.

    CTCL is a set of APIs provided by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for allowing third party developers to develop software to connect to the exchange systems. Trading Members can use their own software running on any suitable hardware/software platform of their choice. This software would be a replacement of the NEAT front-end software that is currently used by members to trade on the NSE trading system. Members can use software customized to meet their specialized needs like provision of on-line trade analysis, risk management tools, integration of back-office operations etc. The dealers of the member may trade using the software remotely through the member's own private network, subject to approvals from Department of Telecommunication etc.


    -Involved in Market-Watch, Order Entry, Order Book, Trade Book, And Net Position.
    -Involved in Designing and Optimization of Database
    -Involved in Order Sending, Receiving, Modification, Cancel Packets.

    Environment: Visual Studio 4.0, C#.Net, VSS, Windows 2003 server, Windows Sockets, MSSQL server 2005, WebServices.

    Stampede Holdings Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad - Sep2010 – Apr2011
    Software Engineer
    Project: Quant Scanner
    Client: Brilliant Securities Limited.

    Description: Quant scanner is products that generate dynamic signals (buy/sell) on Equity by taking inputs such as historical data & live data from different exchanges. The live data is taken at different intervals (5 min, 15min, 30 min etc).This product is used to generate dynamic Trend lines, Flags, Channels, Head & shoulders etc. This project involves running windows & dotnet services to execute scheduled jobs


    -Writing Algorithms using Collection Data structures.
    -Handled all migrations into the production environment
    -Involved in Designing and Optimization of Database
    -Involved in Code Optimization and Enchase the Performance of Application
    -Developed the web pages using ASP, HTML and JavaScript.
    -Experienced in using CSS to Control the Layout of Multiple WebPages.
    -Developed the client side validations using Java script and UI with HTML
    -Developed Quant Algorithms to generate Buy/Sell Signals.

    Environment: Visual Studio 4.0,ASP.NET,WCF,C#.NET,Windows 2003 server,
    Windows Sockets, MSSQL server 2005, ASP.NET MVC, WebServices, Ajax.

    Stampede Holdings Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad - Feb2010-Aug 2010
    Software Engineer
    Project: Market Scanner
    Client: Brilliant Securities Ltd.

    Comstock Data Feed API provides user to receive low latency live feed from different exchanges.
    This project involves three modules Equities, Derivatives and Global News. These modules integrate the API and modify the raw data received from different exchanges. Equities module is developed for capturing equities data from live feed exchanges and delivered through different modules which calculate time frame interval data and Technical indicators. The main heart of the project is Derivatives module which is originated to grab the market opportunities in the form of different categories such as live strategies, Arbitraging solutions and algo models. Global News module which covers the entire world wide News.


    -Involved in Designing and Optimization of Database
    -Developed TCP/IP (sockets) programming to Receive live feed data from the Exchanges.
    -Creating Time intervals data using raw tick data and Developed technical Indicators.
    -Developed Quant Algorithms.
    -Drawing Charts for analyzing price movements.
    -Decodes and parsing raw data and stored in to the database.

    Environment: Visual Studio 3.5,ASP.NET,WCF,C#.NET,Windows 2003 server,
    Windows Sockets, MSSQL server 2005, ASP.NET MVC, WebServices, Ajax.
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  • B.Tech freshers CV sample

    Mobile: +91-85********

    Career Objective

    Seeking for opportunities and secure a position where I can efficiently contribute my skills and abilities for the growth of the organization and my professional career.

    Key Skills

    -Languages: C, C++, Java, asp.net.
    -Database: SQL, ORACLE.
    -Operating Systems: Windows 9X/2000/XP, DOS.


    -Quick learner.
    -Problem solving skills
    -Good Leadership
    -Zeal to learn new things and work innovatively.

    Academic Qualification

    -B.Tech (CS) from “XYZ University” with 82.5% in 20**.
    -HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with 75.8% in 20**.

    Academic Projects Undertaken

    Minor Project
    Team size: six
    Project description: “Irrigation Control System”
    Language - “C”
    Operating System-Win 95/98
    This project is for saving water used in the irrigation. The system includes earth moisture sensors that can sense the need for water for different types of soils, like sandy, clay, or loam

    etc. that may exist in a given section of land. After rain, the system will disable the moisture sensors until the rain subsides and the sensors can determine the need for additional


    Major Project
    Team size: five
    Project description: “Menu base Code generator”
    Language - “C”
    Operating System-Win 95/98
    This project generates the required code in ‘C’, need to create menu-based interfaces. It generates the code automatically. The user input the prescribed format and generates the output code.

    Vocational Trainings

    Successfully completed vocational training with “XYZ” company from May 20** to July 20**.


    -Understand about the PC interface systems.
    -Assemble and dissemble the PC.
    -Install the operating system and other software.
    -Troubleshoot the common system errors.


    -Participated in the Prime Minister’s Rally held in New Delhi and received NCC ‘A’ certificate.
    -Achieved Best Student Award in HSSC.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Attended workshop on “Cyborg” conducted at XYZ.
    -Active volunteer of NSS.

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: 19 June 19**.
    -Languages known: Hindi and English.
    -Address: XYZ
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  • B.Tech freshers CV sample

    Shailendra XXXXXX
    Contact: +91-XXXXXX
    Mail ID: XXXXXX@ymail.com

    Career Objective

    Seeking a entry level position an automobile industry to use my technical knowledge and training experience for the mutual profit and growth.

    Core competencies

    -Good knowledge of handling mechanical tools.
    -Knowledge of manufacturing process.
    -Good problem solving skills.
    -Good communication skills.
    -Knowledge of machine designing.
    -Good decision making skills.
    -Can manage a team.

    Educational background

    -B. tech in automobile engineering from XXXXX College in year XXXX with XXX %.
    -Higher secondary from XXXXX School in year XXXX with XX %.
    -High school passed in year XXXX from XXXX School with XX %.

    Certification course

    -Diploma in machinery installation and designing from XXXXX Institute in year XXXX with X grade.
    -Diploma in computers management from XXXX institute.

    Projects Undertaken

    -Prepare a complete project on “Fabrication of fully automated Intelligent vehicle” with the help of 4 other team members in final year.
    -Made a project on “Solar bicycle” with the help of 2 more team members in 6th semester.


    -Two months training on “Machine designing” from XXXXX Company.
    -One month training on “Handling the mechanical equipments and tools” from XXXX company.


    -Attended seminar on “Manufacturing process of automobile industry”
    -Attended seminar on “Automobile pollution”.

    Extracurricular activities

    -Represented college at national level in “working model” competition.
    -Member of football team of the college.
    -Participated in various sport activities:


    -Playing football.
    -Listening music.
    -Playing computer games.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth: XX-XX-XXXX
    Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXXX
    Address: XXXXXXX
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  • B.Tech freshers CV sample

    91 7620******

    Career objective

    To obtain a responsible and challenging position with a progressive Research organization where my skill will have valuable application and utilization of my opportunity for social



    -Knowledge of biotechnological sciences.
    -Well versed with Bioinformatics.
    -Innovative & Creative.
    -Positive Attitude.
    -Effective communication skills.
    -Sincere & hardworking.

    Academic Qualifications

    -Bachelor of Technology with Biotechnology specialization from BSK University with First Class.
    -HSC (Science) from SGK Board with Distinction.
    -SSC from HDK Board with Distinction.

    IT Skills

    -MS-Office (Word,Excel,Access,PowerPoint)
    -Operating systems:Windows XP & Vista.

    Projects undertaken

    Company:JIL Technology Ltd.
    Duration: 3 months.

    Company:USK Biotics Ltd.
    Duration: 2 Months.


    -Participation in the 'Recycling of Plastics' workshop ( 7 days)
    -Presented a paper on the topic 'Properties and technological advantages of Nano materials'.
    -Won 2nd prize for the Seminar presentation on the topic 'Nano-structured bioreactors for blood cell production'.
    -Represented College in Chess competitions.
    -Participated in various Sports activities in School.

    Personal Profile

    Date of Birth:24.08.19** .
    Address:30-D,Park Avenue,Linking Road,NKH.
    Linguistic skills : English,Hindi & Malyalee.


    Listening to music, Reading books,Playing chess, surfing internet.

  • RE: B.Tech/BE freshers - CV samples and formats -B.Tech/BE freshers (09/18/12)
  • Ravi Kishore

    Career Objective:

    To evolve into a hardworking and sincere profession, contributing to the success of your organization and at the same time enhance my knowledge and develop my communication, managerial and interpersonal skills.

    Educational Qualification:

    B.Tech - (IT Branch) - XXXXX Kota - 62%
    H.S.C - XXXXX Ajmer - 2008 - 59%
    S.S.C - XXXXX Ajmer - 2006 - 72%

    Internship/Project/Addition certifications:

    -Summer Training Project in c#.net at .........

    Key strength:

    -As an IT Eng. & Team Leader my first Goal to provide a Best support and resolve problems without hampering user and customer working
    -Have passion to build product which could help people
    -A systematic, organized, hardworking and dedicated team player confident in handling multiple assignments under pressure and meeting tight deadlines
    -Possess excellent reasoning and analytical skills with exceptional talent for problem solving through logical thought processes

    Awards & Achievements:

    -An active participant in the cultural events in school
    -Received 2nd project award in my major project in final year about Telephone directory in c#.net
    -Received 1st project award in my minor project in 6th sem about Quiz system

    Technical Proficiencies:-

    -Programming Languages - C++, Asp.net
    -Operating System Known - Windows 98, XP, 7

    Hobbies & Interests:

    -Photography, Cooking, Watching movie,
    -Collect & download new software related to photography, study,
    -Net surfing

    Personal Details:

    Date of Birth -
    Address -
    Languages Known -

    As the enclosed resume simply summarizes my capabilities and career history, there is considerably more to relate. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you personally to specifically discuss what I could do for your organization.
  • RE: B.Tech/BE freshers - CV samples and formats -B.Tech/BE freshers (09/18/12)
  • Dilip Sahu
    DOB: 07/06/1991
    Email: dXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
    Phone No: +91 XXXXXXXXX


    A well equipped position in a result oriented company that seeks ambitious and career conscious person ,where acquired skills will be utilized towards continued growth and advancements


    2008-2012 - B.TECH (IT) - XXXXX Instuitute of Technology & Management - XXXXX University - 74%
    2007-2008 - 12th Standard - XXXXX Sec School School - HBSE - 76%
    2005-2006 - 10th Standard - XXXXXX Sr . Sec School - 82%

    Training And Projects


    -6 weeks summer training of JAVA(core) from Aptech Institute,Delhi after 4th sem.
    -6 weeks summer training of JAVA(advanced) from Informatics Institute,Panipat after 6th sem.


    -Submitted project undernamed ”Airline Reservation System” after 4th sem based on core java.
    -Submitted project undernamed ”Connec2Buddy” as a Minor Project based on advanced java.
    -Submitted project undernamed ”LifeCare Services” as a Major Project based on advanced java.

    Technical Skills

    Internet Technology - HTML, XML, Javascript
    Language - C, C++, HTML,JAVA.
    Framwork - Netbeans IDE

    Extra Co-Curricular Activities

    -Got 1st prize in drawing at school level.
    -Participated in mimicry competition at College’s annual Fest.


    -Can meet tough targets under pressure.
    -Can work for long hours.
    -Can perform in limited resources.
    -Utilize the available resources with lots of ease with optimum utility.

    Area Of Interest
    Software Development, Software Testing, Application Programming.