Ban co-education - why and why not?

Ban co-education – why and why not?


Co-education means providing education to both the male and female students in the same institute. In spite of the establishment of co-educational schools and colleges there are parents who send their sons and daughters only to boys' and girls' institutes respectively. Establishing a system of co-education is a sign of a country's development too. During the time of the admissions there is huge rush in convent the schools than the co-educational schools.

Today, whether their kids should be sent to co-educational institutes is a common debate among the parents. Some parents are even of the opinion that co-educational system should be banned.

Now, let us discuss whether the co-educational schools should be banned or not?

Co-education makes the children sexually attracted

1. Not easily adopted – In India, there has always been gender segregation. For a long time women were not allowed to work or study with men. It is still prevalent in many parts of the country. Hence, the system of co-education cannot be easily adopted by the people.

2. Sexually attracted – Parents feel that there will be attraction between the opposite sexes in co-educational institutes which will affect their children's studies.

3. Eve teasing – This is one of the major factors leading to a ban on co-education. There are boys who make it their hobby to tease girls.

4. Weaker Sex – In some co-educational schools or colleges women are still considered as the weaker sex. This gives more opportunity to the boys in all the fields like sports, class monitoring, etc.

5. Education barrier – There are certain things which are taught exclusively girls to educate them about health and hygiene. Such things cannot be taught in the presence of boys. Hence, co-education should be banned.

Co-education makes the children more sensitive to opposite gender.

1. Cordial relation – Co-educational schools and colleges help in creating a friendly relation between the students and, thus, encourage harmony and tolerance.

2. Good exposure – Co-education gives very good exposure to the students like sending students abroad. Most of the single-sex schools give more focus to tradition than academics.

3. Increases confidence – Students gain a lot of confidence in a co-educational institutes as they also interact with the opposite sex. It also improves their communication skills.

4. Symbol of equality – A co-educational school or college is a symbol of equality. Both boys and girls are given the equal rights and opportunities in the field of academic, sports or cultural programmes.

5. Competition – Studying in a co-educational school or college increases competition among the students and, thus, increases their dedication towards academics.


The system of co-education contributes to the growth of the education system of a country. Since the last few years, India has shown good improvement in the field of education. But foreign countries like America are much more developed as they embraced the system of co-education much before us. Now, the future of a child depends on his/her parents. Its high time that parents start giving importance to the academics and growth of their child's career rather than following the tradition of segregation of sexes.
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  • RE: Ban co-education – why and why not? -Deepa Kaushik (12/30/14)
  • Co-education needs a broad mind-set to be understood. It is the best form of educating children especially regarding the respect and prestige that children should give to their friends, colleagues, tutors and other staff of the opposite gender. The place of education is the stepping stone for shaping a child’s intellect and it is the place where the child can be nurtured in all good spirits.

    Co-education doesn’t lead to the sexual attraction or harassment. These occurrences are perceived equally in the institutes where co-education is not followed. Sexual attraction is a normal physiological phenomena in the human being which is not necessarily due to the co-education. Children are more exposed to the internet these days which teaches them the things more than their standard and requirement. We can avoid co-education, but how far has the parents or tutors succeeded in restricting the children from getting exposed to the internet?

    Co-education is actually the need of the hour where the male counterparts are slowly forgetting the prestige and respect for the females. The harassment and the horrible brutal behaviour of few males in the society which has imparted a fear and insecurity feeling for the female race in the society, all these can be better restricted if we go ahead with the co-education. Children interact with each other and learn about the mannerisms, feelings and emotions of each other in a better way. Restrictions often leads to undue curiosity. Keeping both the genders apart in the basic life move like providing education could make the children be more curious regarding the opposite gender and this could in fact increase the sexual crime index in the society. Thus, it is always preferable to support co-education.