Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Forum (BCIM) - Advantages and Obstacles

Bangladesh–China–India–Myanmar Forum (BCIM) – Advantages and Obstacles

Bangladesh–China–India–Myanmar Forum for Regional Cooperation (BCIM)

- Sub-regional organization of Asian nations aimed at greater integration of trade and investment between the four countries.

- In 1999, the Conference on Regional Cooperation and Development among China, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh held in Kunming so known as Kunming initiatives.

- By which leaders agreed to develop Bangladesh China India Myanmar Economic Corridor

- The multi-modal corridor will be the first expressway between India and China and will pass through Myanmar and Bangladesh.

- It will connect southwestern region of China and the northeastern region of India by developing appropriate road, rail, waterway and air links.

- The corridor will run from Kunming to Kolkata, linking Mandalay in Myanmar as well as Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh.

- It will revive the ancient Southern Silk Route between Assam and Yunnan.


- Assam to became hub of international commerce between India and the fastest-growing economies of the world.

- It will bring employment to north east part.

- Greater market access for goods, services and energy

- Elimination of non-tariff barriers, better trade facilitation

- Investment in infrastructure development

- Joint exploration and development of mineral, water, and other natural resources,

- Development of value and supply chains based on comparative advantages

- closer people to people contact

What are the problems form Indian perspective?

- The corridor already goes through rebel prone area so growth in such tenancies will give extra headache.

- Smuggling

- Drug trafficking

- Chinese claim of Tawang

- Terrain is so mountainous and hostile that road construction is expensive.

Suggested Roads for the development of corridor

1. Reconstruction the Stillwell Road from Ledo in Assam to Mytkina in Myanmar - an admittedly difficult, mountainous 403- km-long road.

Extension of the road India is already building from Moreh in Manipur to Tamu to Kalewa on the Chindwin river. If that river is bridged, a link will be established with Mandalay,Myanmar.
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