Banking interview - Areas emphasized upon by the panel and questions asked

Banking interview - Areas emphasized upon by the panel and questions asked

The written exam in a bank is followed by a personal interview for the shortlisted candidates. This interview is a way for the panel to evaluate the personal skills and potential of the candidate vis a vis the post he has applied for.

The questions asked in this interview are meant to measure the attitude, skills and adjustability of the candidate. The approach that the candidate takes to answer the questions lets the board decide the suitability of the candidate for the bank.

During the personal interview at a bank, a candidate can expect to face questions from following areas –

1. Family background.
2. Qualification.
3. Hobbies and interests.
4. Work experience, if any.

The ice breaking questions asked in bank interview are usually based on personal details of the candidate and related to candidate’s family, qualification, future planning and basic banking knowledge.

Some of the questions you can expect from these areas are:

Q1. Introduce yourself.

You can answer this question by giving a brief introduction of yourself - including your name, how many family member are there in your family, family profession, about your education and professional qualification if any, brief work experience if any, and career interest.

Q What is the meaning of your name?

This is a very common question that the candidates face at a bank interview. You must know the meaning of your name and mythological importance of your name. In fact, if the name of any of your family members has a special connection, you must know about that also.

Q2. What is the specialty of the place you belong to?

You must be aware of the good/ bad things related to their home town or the place they live. You must know the history of the place like - what is the meaning of the name of your city, what is the history behind it, what was the old name of your place etc. or anything special that the city is/ was famous for like sarees, bangles, marbles etc.

If there’s nothing special about the city, try to explore famous places nearby. For example if a person belongs to any village in Rajasthan, then he/she can give a view of Jaipur or Jaisalmer or any other famous place near to his/her town or city or village. It can be the nature’s beauty, food, clothes, industries etc.

Q What are your hobbies?

Hobbies give an insight into your personality. So, mention them carefully and once you have mentioned them, you must know well about them.

For example if the candidate says that playing cricket is his/her hobby, then the candidate must know about the number of players, rules and regulations, about the recent cricket match, a little about cricket players also and all current news related with it.

Mentioning a hobby just for the sake of doing it without a proper knowledge about it will be disastrous.

Q. Why did you choose banking as your profession?

This is a very common question that you can expect. Provide a straight answer without trying to bat around the bush.

Q. Do you have any previous experience?

If you are working somewhere, you must know your job, company, industry well, as you can expect some related questions.

Also, you must be very careful while replying to this question if you have switched jobs frequently. Since many candidates leave the bank job after some time, so, they try to find people who will work with them for a longer time.

Too many job switches in your profile reflect badly on your stability. Either don’t show too many job switches or be prepared with the valid reasons for change.

If you are a working candidate, keep your NOC and other required documents ready. The banks are very strict and can cancel your candidature in absence of a required document.

Q. Why did you leave your previous job?

Always be positive regardless of the circumstances.

Speaking bad about your past employers would reflect badly on you. So, don’t malign anyone. The best answer would be – for better prospects unless you have a more genuine reason to offer.

Q. How can you be a value addition to our organization?

Try to connect your qualification and relevant experience with the organization.

The candidates from fields like engineering, science etc also apply for the bank job. These candidates can relate their qualifications or subject they studied in their graduation with the banking sectors.

Try to show a little banking knowledge here. Show that you are interested in this job from several years with a valid reason.

Q Where do you see yourself in another five years?

Give a an answer which is practically possible. Study a bit about the banking organization that what are the possible posts you can achieve in coming 5 to 10 years, and answer accordingly.

Q Do you think you have leadership quality?

Give a positive reply and relate it with some achievement at work, academics or even from the personal life

Q Can you explain a situation in which you displayed the leadership quality?

Mention a situation when you conducted any program, captained any game like cricket, football etc. or any school curricular activity.

If you have no such experiences then try to relate it to some of the incidents in your personal life.

Q Do you have any achievement?

The achievement doesn’t mean only by saving someone life or getting a gold medal. If in your life you feel you have got or done something good, it is an achievement.

Q What are your strengths?

Give two or three traits which can help you in your banking job like eye of detail, precision, good communication skills etc.

Q What are your weaknesses?

Give one and correlate it with some strength. Never give any negative trait that affects or results negative.

Q Are you applying for other jobs?

Don’t spend a lot of time replying to this question. Be honest and keep the focus on this job.

Don’t give a big answer or discuss your future planning. Speak about what is in front of you only.

Q Do you know anyone who works in banking sector?

Keep information of relatives or parents friend who work in banking sector. This gives an impression that you are aware about the industry and culture but be careful to mention a friend only if they are well thought of.

Q Are you a team player?

Always reply a positive answer for this question because it is a common requirement in all organizations. Give a generic example from your experiences and show that you are a good evidence of your team attitude.

Q Why should we select you?

Relate your skills and qualifications with the requirements.

Q Are you willing to work at other places except from your hometown?

Always reply this question with a ‘Yes’. There are less chances of getting the job at your desired places and there are many candidates who are ready to work anywhere.

Q How would you evaluate your present firm?

Talk positive things about your current employer. Tell about the valuable experience you gained from the organization. Don’t mention negatives.

Q Who is your idol?

Only name of your “idol” is not sufficient. The candidate must know the history of his/her idol as well what are the qualities which make him/her the idol.

Q Do you have any questions?

If you have any genuine questions, you can ask. Otherwise, just say “thank you” and leave.

Rest of the questions are usually related to banking knowledge and the current affairs.
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