Bartender Career Objective and Career Summary

Career Objective and Career Summary for Bartender

Career Objective:

To obtain bartender position at XYZ resort. Bringing 3 year’s experience in hospitatility industry along with a passing in bartending.

Career Summary:

- 3 years experience as bartender with xyz hotels
- Bachelor in Hotel Management from abc university
- Highly skilled in preparing & service all types of drinks
- Understanding of all beverages offered & their prices
- Excellent presentation of servings whether beverage or food.
- Proficient at preparing & serving drinks at international standards
- Ensure complete customer satisfaction & ongoing success of the resort.
- Good housekeeping to ensure clean and safe environment
- Experience of serving in events/parties
- Ability to manage large number of orders, efficiently.
- Pleasant personality with effective communication skills.
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  • Bartender Career Objective and Career Summary -Viraj Desai (06/10/14)

    Looking to secure the role of a Senior Bartender in ghj Hotel. Possess skills to experiment and produce new drinks along with keeping customers happy.


    • A Hotel Management graduate from Jaipur University with over 4 years of experience in RTU Bar, JDB Hotel.
    • Advised management on efficiency of bar layout as well as setting up new equipment and supplies
    • Responsible for maintaining liquor inventory along with ensuring correct cashier functions
    • Hired new staff as well as provided the requisite training on the menu as well as customer etiquettes
    • Adequate knowledge of drinks from all parts of the world
    • Ability to work under pressure demonstrated when single handedly managed the event “Just Fun” serving over 200 guests
    • Innovative, fun-loving and an exemplary attitude of serving with a smile.
    • Motivational speaker at several conferences on the importance of customer service