BCA freshers - CV samples and formats

BCA freshers - CV samples and formats

Email : VVVV@careerride.com
Contact No: +91 98XXXXXXX

Career Objective

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as software professional for growth of organization and myself

Personal Skills

Confident, Team Player, Good Listener

Computer Skills

-Programming Languages : Java, .NET, PHP
-Operating Systems : Windows XP, Linux, MS-DOS
-Packages : Microsoft Office
-RDBMS : Oracle,MS-SQL server

Educational Qualifications

-Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA), From XYZ College with an aggregate of XX%
-HSC from LKJ College with XX %.
-SSC from LKJ School with XX%


-Certification course in .NET.


-Participate in National Level Seminar
-Got first prize in software program in the Intra-college competition
-Received best student award in HSC

Academic Project

Project1 : Compiler
Language used : C
Project Description :
In this project lexical analysis, parsing, semantic checking and code generation.

Project2 : Online Shopping

Language used: .NET

Project Description

In this project a website is designed for buying products online. username and password. Facility for users as well as employee.


-Web development
-Internet Surfing

Personal Profile

Date of Birth : **/**/19XX
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  • BCA freshers CV sample - BCA freshers CV formats and templates

    Mobile: +91-77********

    Career Objective

    To secure a challenging position as IT professional to use my software and analytical skills for the progress of organisation and attain career targets.

    Key Skills

    -Programming Languages: Java, .NET, PHP, HTML, and XML.
    -Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, MS-DOS.
    -Packages: Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop.
    -DBMS: Oracle, MS-SQL server.

    Personality Traits

    -Excellent Communication skill.
    -Hard worker and good team player.
    -Disciplined and positive thinker.
    -Very professional with good etiquette.

    Academic Qualification

    -Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), from XYZ with an aggregate of 90%.
    -HSC with an aggregate of 85%.
    -SSC with an aggregate of 87%.

    Academic Projects Undertaken

    Project Name: “Online Beauty Shopping Centre”
    Team size: four
    Front end - .NET.
    Backend: MS SQL Server.
    Description: In this project, a website is designed for purchasing the beauty products online. Any customer can register himself or herself, add the product into the cart, and pay online. It

    provides online invoicing facility also.

    Vocational Trainings

    Successfully completed vocational training with “XYZ” from May 20** to July 20** which includes:

    -Learning .NET, PHP, JSP.
    -Preparing various forms by the help of these languages.
    -Prepare small projects.
    -Undergone with the real time project environment.


    -Participated in National Level Seminar and achieved second position for presentation on Robotics.
    -Got first prize in Quiz Competition held in XYZ college campus.
    -Received best student award in SSC.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Participated in various dance and drama competitions in school.
    -Participated as volunteer in College Blood Donation Program by “XYZ”.


    -Net Surfing.
    -Reading English Fictions.

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: 27 Oct 19**.
    -Languages known: Hindi, Bengali and English.
    -Address: XYZ
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  • BCA freshers CV sample

    Sameer XXXXX
    Contact: +91-XXXXXXX
    Mail Id: XXXXXXXX@yahoo.com

    Career objective

    To start my career as a technical person in software field by using my technical knowledge and skills in learning environment for the better growth of the organization.

    Technical core competencies

    -Web technologies: SQL server 2005, 2008
    -Languages: C, C++, .Net.
    -Operating System: Windows 2007, XP, 2003 and Linux.
    -Additional Tools: Ms Office, Internet browsing, and accessing mails etc.

    Educational details

    -BCA graduate from XXXX College affiliated with XXXX University in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Passed higher secondary from XXXXX School in year XXXXX with XX %.
    -Passed High school from XXXX board in year XXXX with XX %.

    Trainings undertaken

    -45 days training from XXXX institute. Training includes-

    -Software Installation.
    -Hardware assembling.
    -Troubleshooting windows related problems.
    -Server handling.
    -To solve the queries in DBMS.

    Project Undertaken

    Project title: Online Railway Information system.

    Development environment:
    Front end: Java
    Back end: Ms Excess

    Team size: 4

    Responsibility: Database management

    Project detail: This project was about to give the information to the passengers about the seats availability in the trains and their other details. This application allowed them to make the

    online reservation.

    Professional skills

    -Positive attitude.
    -Keen observer.
    -Fast learning skills.
    -Easily adopt new ambience.
    -Good communication.


    -Received award for the “Topper of the batch”.
    -Participated in XXXXX game and receive the winner’s trophy.


    -Internet browsing, Outing with friends, riding.

    Personal details

    Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
    Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXXX
    Address: XXXXXX
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  • BCA freshers CV sample

    91 96230*****


    -To join an Organisation which helps to increase my knowledge & skills and which would also lead to the organizational growth.


    -Bachelor of Computer Applications from CVB Institute with 1st Class.
    -HSC from FSG College of Commerce with 1st Class.
    -SSC from FGS School with Distinction.


    Topic:Privacy Preservation in Database.
    Company:NUI Infotech.
    Duration:June 2011-August 2011.

    Topic:Bug Tracking.
    Company:LKJ IT Services Ltd.
    Duration:1 month.


    Operating Systems:Windows 95, 98 and XP
    Languages:C++,Core Java and C#.
    Web Technologies:ASP.NET, HTML
    Data Access Technology:ADO.NET
    Databases:Basics of MS SQL Server 2000
    Tools:MS Office, MS Visual Studio .NET 2005.


    -Participation in various competitions at college level.
    -State-level representative for Table tennis competition for 3 years.
    -Participated in the 'Robotic' event organized by PJB college.


    -Positive Attitude.
    -Good Leadership Abilities.
    -Passionate for work.
    -Ability to adopt and learn new technologies.
    -Ability to communicate effectively with the team members.
    -Capacity to work in team or individually and take up responsibilities.
    -Problem solving ability.


    -Playing Table-Tennis.
    -Collecting Coins.
    -Internet Surfing.


    Address:415 Avenue,38-6 street,NGC.
    Date Of Birth:29/05/19**
    Languages known:English,Hindi,Telugu.
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  • Akash Sri
    Mobile: +91-XXXXXXXXXX
    E-mail: XXXXXXXX@gmail.com

    Career Objective

    To work in a competent environment that would enable me to cope with the emerging business trends and technologies and widen the spectrum of my knowledge to add value to the individual growth.

    Career Summary

    -B.Tech pass-out with zeal to grow in the field of software development.
    -Good knowledge of programming in C/ C++ , core Java , jsp, and android.
    -Experience of working on live projects using eclipse, sql, Net Beans.
    -Active member of College cultural activities.
    -Ability to learn new things quickly and work as a team.


    -B.Tech from ABC Engineering College, XXXXX University with 59% marks, 2012.
    -Higher Secondary Education from ...............
    -High school Education from ................

    Technical Skill Set

    -Programming languages: C/C++, Java, JSP, Android, HTML
    -DBMS: SQL,DB2
    -Operating System: Windows 2003,7,Ubundu
    -Tools: RAD, Eclipse, Net Beans, Visual Studio

    Projects Undertaken

    Academic Project:

    -Title: .........
    -Environment: C#.net, SQL Server 2005, Windows XP.
    -Duration: Nov 2011 – Feb 2012

    Live Project:

    -Title: .............
    -Environment: Android, SQLite,Ubundu
    -Duration: June 2012-sept 2012

    Extracurricular activities

    -Active participation in college cultural activities, organizing college fest
    -Winner of cultural activities at school and sub-district level.
    -Winner in sport events

    Trainings attended

    -CoreJava+Android Training at Finware Technologies, Technopark , Trivandrum
    -C/C++ certified course at Travancore IIT, Trivandrum

    Personal Details

    Date of birth-
    Hobbies and Interests:


    I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

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  • Objective and Personal Skills for freshers CV


    Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the Information Technology Industry, a job where growth prospects are unlimited and individuality is recognized by work, and to achieve professional satisfaction by meeting higher responsibilities and involving in competent work areas.

    Personal Skills

    -Ability to learn new technologies & adapt to new surroundings abruptly , Ability to work under pressure and meet deadline
    -Punctuality & dedication towards work
    -Creativity & Imaginative Power
    -Productive working relationships with clients and staff
    -Believe in teamwork