BCCI - Sahara relationship: A tragic end.

BCCI - Sahara relationship: A tragic end.

When any relationship breaks, personal or professional, it is extremely difficult to analyze and conclude who is responsible and who is at fault. Any contract has certain rules and regulations laid down. When a contract is being framed, many best case and worst case scenarios are considered. The relationship seems to have come to an end because of some misunderstandings in the rules.


- It’s tragic as the breakup of this relationship was abrupt.

- The contract was of around 12 years amounting to a lot of money.

- Sahara claims to have accused BCCI of not appreciating or considering the formers emotions.

- It is believed that one of the reasons was because of a player who couldn’t play in the IPL and Sahara expected BCCI to add the player’s amount in the contract.

- Sahara claims that BCCI had disqualified them from the 2008 IPL without giving any tangible reasons.

- Several players were supposedly retained by IPL. These were the best players that Sahara said shouldn’t have happened. In a way its fair as every sponsor should have the rights to bid for any player.


- It’s business end of the day. No contractual relationship can break because of one issue.

- The reason because of which the player who couldn’t play was extremely sensitive and unavoidable. Sahara perhaps could have negotiated on a replacement.

- It is believed that Sahara assumed on a certain number of matches in IPL. BCCI refused on a refund. This seems to be an extremely prominent issue that could have been forecasted.

The chairman of Sahara doesn’t seem to be rigid on talking about the issue. It is true that petty reasons can’t break contracts amounting to a lot of money, what went wrong was perhaps some unavoidable circumstances in which neither of the parties were ready to negotiate. It is said that Sahara has decided to pour some money a welfare foundation. It aims to develop 20 rural/semi urban sports development centers.
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