Beauty Care and eligibility to enter into the field

What does beauty care or cosmetology means?

As known beauty can never be defined in a few lines and the same applies to the field that provides million and more than that job opportunities for those who have an interest and inclination to not only groom their clients, but also to interact with them and help them in taking care of their health related. Sometimes beauty care is given the term cosmetology, which means study and application of beauty handling. It includes working either with or for beauty products or beauty treatments or both of them, depending on the specialization of the aspirant. Beauty care not only provides attractive appearance, grooming and makeover to the clients, but also makes them aware about the health.

What are the eligibility criteria and education details for courses in beauty care, fashion industry?

Skill is considered as the foremost and the most important criteria in excelling the field of beauty care and fashion industry. Any professional who has cleared higher secondary in any of the subject can enter into the courses available for beauty care and fashion industry. There are number of colleges, both private and government available in India as well as abroad, offering courses at the level of diploma, undergraduate and post graduate. These courses are of two to three years duration depending on the college or institute the aspirant is taking admission.

To pursue higher education in these sectors there are masters and post graduation diploma course also available in both these fields.
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