Beauty contests are a disrespect to the Women Folks.

Beauty contests are a disrespect to the Women Folks.


Beauty contests are the liking and lifestyle of the present generation youth. People often forget the actual definition of beauty. Beauty lies in the brain of the one who presents and into the mind of the one who perceives. Beauty cannot be categorised only by the external appearance. This is what is conveyed to the whole world through beauty contests. Talking of India, we often evaluate women by their external appearance and not by their thought and approach. With such a viewpoint, is beauty contest a disrespect to the Women Folks?


- Indian culture lies in women’s appearance. The presentation and exposure in the beauty contests is definitely against our culture.

- Dignity of the women folks is presented through their dressing sense. The lack of proper clothing and undue exposure often goes against the prestige for the women.

- The beauty contests head towards the modelling career. In practical sense, the modelling career in present day has many compromises to be made which often affect the dignity of women.

- Beauty contests give importance to the appearance, built and external outlook of the girl. They fail to recognize the girls with most beautiful heart, though failing in their external appearance.

- This is one of the ways by which the girls are objectified and the filth gets deposited into the youth brains.


- Beauty contests gives equal importance to the intellect, and prove that one cannot win just by external appearance.

- Beauty contests don’t have the rules to wear dresses affecting the dignity of women. One can project their true self with traditional wears as well.

- Modelling is a career like any other field. No career is wrong in itself, till the time the candidates and the models maintain their pride, prestige and repute.

- The dirty and perverted minds evaluate the girls appearing in the beauty contests with a negativity. It is not the girls but the upbringing of those males who get such thoughts after looking to these contests and girls.

- Indian culture doesn’t evaluate women by the appearance. It is the thought and superstitious customs of the old aged people who get glued to such outdated thoughts. Our culture teaches to respect women folks and keep up their modesty.


Though we can give a lot many arguments in favour of the beauty contests yet we cannot deny the fact that majority of the people getting into this field do go a mile away to attain success in their career; and this extra mile is often a negative slope to their dignity. We need to shape up the males, (not all but few of them with perverted thoughts), to have a broadmind and outlook to perceive the females with a respectable eye. Till the time we achieve this very mission, these beauty contests are definitely posing to be a threat to the security of the women folks. Still, we cannot call the beauty contests as disrespect for the women folks.
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  • RE: Beauty contests are a disrespect to the Women Folks. -Teena Bhatia (09/05/14)
  • I would like to start the debate with one simple question is displaying the beauty in contests a form of disrespect for women? How can it be justified? All the rural women who wear sarees and even cover their face are the victims of highest form of disrespect in society. They don’t take part in any contest but still are not even considered humans. So, how does a beauty contest disrespect women? Again, it is nothing but the efforts of male dominated society to make women feel inferior in everything they do. They just cannot accept the fact that women can make a name on own and therefore, calls the beauty contest as disrespect for women. In fact the beauty contests are a strong platform for girls to come out of their shell and show their beautiful side to the world.

    Beauty contests can be called as fun, character-building contests. And any type of competition, hobby, sports or contests that encourages personal developments, promotes friendship, instills self esteem, fosters community service and promotes goal-setting cannot be disrespect to any one whether it is women or society.

    Connecting the inner beauty with external appearance doesn’t make any sense. Different competitions have different objectives. Just because beauty contest focus more on external appearance doesn’t means that they spread the message of outer beauty. It is noteworthy that the final winner is selected on the basis of intellect round held at the end of every contest.