Beauty exists not in sameness but in difference

Beauty exists not in sameness but in difference

Can anyone tell what the definition of beauty is? Some people will call beauty as fair color, some will say it is about the features and for some it just lies in eyes of beholder. But how many you think that being different is beautiful. The people who act differently, think differently or look different are beautiful. Do you agree with the statement beauty exists not in sameness but in difference?


• A desert plant is not like rose, but has got spines on it. It is the only greenery, an object of beauty in the entire desert.

• The hard tough shell of a turtle protects it from the outer troubles. People always aspire the tough cover like turtle.

• A camel with a humpback is never ever said ugly. In fact people enjoy taking the ride of camel, and in the deserts it is the most beautiful animal one can find.

• Albert Einstein is not called ugly by any person as despite suffering from dyslexia he became a famous scientist.

• Hellen Adam Keller was blind and deaf still she was a famous American author, political activist and lecturer.


• Universally, a person who is honest and walks on right path is called beautiful, else are the ugliest people of the world.

• Beauty comes with comparison and with the sameness or difference. Compare a rose with cactus, and you will know who is beautiful.

• The black and color don’t have any shade and brightness, differ from the rest colors, but still cannot overshadow the beauty of real colors.

• A cricket player who goes out of the way to play his own game is never admired by his team or fans.

• In today’s world, taking marijuana and smoking is considered as beauty statement, but no matter what they will always stay the ugliest aspects of life.

• People in stock market go against the trade to show their different approach and ultimately loses their money.


No matter what how beautiful a person is, but if the beauty cannot fulfill the basic needs then it is of no use. The concept of sameness and difference of beauty cannot be talked in individual terms. The one word’ functionality’ affects the both. So, same or different, till the time they have purpose they are beautiful.
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  • RE: Beauty exists not in sameness but in difference -Deepa Kaushik (05/12/14)
  • Presenting ourselves in a normal manner or in other words, in accordance with what is usually followed in the world will be a casual outlook, which could hardly hit anybody’s attention. Being unique in the views, ideas and implementation of the same definitely finds a special place in everybody’s mind. This uniqueness is the difference in the presentation.

    Beauty has a different definition for every individual. Beauty that catches the eyes, loses its importance in the same fraction of moment which it required to capture anyone’s attention. Beauty is something that lasts long in the mind and soul of the person. For such a beauty, it doesn’t matter how the person looks or speaks, but what matters is that persons inner self.

    When we call a person’s inner self, it comes up to his personality as a whole. Every person has a distinct personality in the core. But they proceed with the flow of the wave in order to march with the world. It hardly matters if the path is the correct one or not, people just follow blindly one behind the other as a sheep herd. The one who moves away from the herd is the one who captures everyone’s attention and that definitely is his beauty.

    Beauty comes from the mind and not from the looks. So, it is very correct to say “beauty exists not in sameness but in difference.”