Becoming a call centre supervisor or a manager

How can I become a call centre supervisor or a manager? How will my performance be reviewed?

Call centre supervisor is a high designation that you can achieve after working as an operator for atleast three to four years. After doing a satisfactory job as an operator for the said period you will be promoted to a supervisory level based on your ability and performance. As soon as there is a vacancy for a call centre supervisor posts, it will be published in house. After this you can apply for it and then an interview will be conducted and finally the promotion is made. As a supervisor, you will be in charge of the various operators working under you. You will be their leader and will be given the responsibility of guiding them through all the hurdles. After working as a supervisor, you can be promoted to the managerial level depending upon your experience, ability and skills acquired.

As far as the performance is concerned, it is measured based on the targets achieved in the particular business. In outbound centres, like tele-marketing your performance is calculated on the sales you make per hour. In collection department of a bank, performance is measured on contacts made and money collected. The more you achieve the more you are closer to achieving the target. In inbound call centres, performance is measured on the basis of average talk time, i.e. the time you take to satisfy the customer, analysis and understanding of the problem and courtesy extended to the customers.

If you get an experience in a call centre then it is considered to be worthwhile experience for customer relations, sales jobs or insurance sector. You have a better chance of moving on to other industries with experience in call centres. For e.g. – if you have had experience dealing with insurance clients then insurance sector is the field that you can enter.
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