Benefits of PPP model for India’s energy infrastructure and key features of e-CPMP

Benefits of PPP model for India’s energy infrastructure and key features of e-CPMP

Question - e-CPMP or online coal monitoring portal has recently been launched by the Governmentt of India for private and public projects. Examine the value of the PPP model for India’s energy infrastructure. Discuss the key features of e-CPMP as well.

To establish an institutional mechanism for tracking stalled investment projects in the public as well as private sector, the online Coal Projects Monitoring Portal (e-CPMP) has been released for large public as well as private sector projects.

PPP Model has many benefits for India:

• Infrastructure created through this model can enhance the quality and volume of key facilities and utility services; it can be applied to numerous public services as well

• Energy infrastructure is repaired and maintained well and early delivery of quality premises as well as services create social benefits

• PPPs also instil more discipline and commitment for infrastructure development and a commercially viable approach for the venture

• Strategic control of resources in partnership between public and private sector can work for the benefit of consumers

• In PPPs, risk of performance is transferred to the private sector wherein assets are utilised to ensure the efficient completion of projects

• Better quality of construction and design is another advantage of choosing the PPP model for Indian infrastructure

• Long term cost and sustainability of the projects are also ensured through this model

• Public-private partnerships help the public to access services while private finances are used; this curbs government spending and conserves key public resources

• The private sector is known for innovation and expertise which translates into better quality infrastructure for the consumers

• Best practices and value added services are another benefit of the PPP model

• PPP models also free government resources and public capital for other uses

• Tax payers also benefit because private resources are used for infrastructure creation

• PPP projects can deliver better value for money compared with public or private sector projects as the strengths of each sector combine to create the perfect balance

• Complete examination of risks by government as well as lenders leads to stable and balanced investment decisions

• PPPs create a productive working relationship between the public and private sector which combines the synergies of both

About e-CPMP/Online Coal Project Monitoring Portal

• This has been developed as a monitoring system for tracking projects pertaining to investments related to coal

• IT automates entire tracking of projects even going beyond infrastructure to consider all the bottlenecks

• Efficiency, transparency and revival of investment cycles are some of the benefits of e-CPMP

• e=CPMP will work for improving communications between B2G (business to government), G2G (Government to government) and G2B(government to business)

• e-CMPM automates the entire tracking of issues form submission to commission

Facts and Stats

Regarding e-CPMP

• e-CPMP works to cover the following:
- Submission of a new project
- Editing/updating projects
- Reviewing projects
- Submitting details pertaining to bottlenecks
- Removal of hurdles in stalled coal projects

• e-CPMP also includes preparation of agenda generated online and circulated with auto mailers to nodal officers

• Graphical analysis and reporting functionalities are also provided by the system

• It also has a general issues module via which agencies, states as well as coal administrators can discuss issues relating to the projects

• Investors can create login credentials with the platform and ensure queries reach respective agencies

• Status of any ongoing project can also be tracked through e-CPMP.
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