Better Coach For Indian Team: Sourav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid?

Better Coach For Indian Team: Sourav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid?

The debate over the Indian coach is getting fierce day by day. Sometimes it is speculated that Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid are in the race of being Indian team’s coach and sometimes it is said that they will be included in a working committee to select the new coach. If they are part of selection committee, then technically they are out of the contenders list. However, let us discuss, if they are again considered for the role of Indian coach, who can serve best for Indian team: Sourav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid?

Sourav Ganguly

• His accomplishments as a cricketer along with the tactical acumen presents a strong candidature for the profile of India coach.

• Ganguly was not popular for technique, instead he was known for his strong mental side. He knows how to lead the team in stressful conditions.

• Ganguly certainly gets an edge when it comes to test cricket. As of now, the priority of BCCI is to improve the performance of Indian team in overseas test.

• Ganguly possesses an eagle’s eye to identify and promote talent. He knows how to get the best performance out of the players.

• A coach needs to be authoritative otherwise the team can lose direction. The attitude to manage and direct the team is seen in Ganguly.

Rahul Dravid

• Rahul Dravid is doing a great job as a mentor and coach of Rajasthan Royals. His accomplishment his reflected in his new role.

• There is a need of coach who has the abilities to take the young team forward and match with their temperament.

• Dravid’s unassuming ways, low-profile approach and all-round respect he gets from the young players makes him a better choice for the role of the team coach.

• Everyone is well aware with the aggressive nature of Virat Kohli and there is a doubt that Sourav Ganguly and his temperament can match.

• Dravid can complement and counterbalance Captain Kohli’s aggression with quietude and sagacity. In case of Dravid, there would be less probability of personality clash.

• Dravid has never been involved in any form of major controversy in his tenure as a player indicating that he is not confrontational and has good terms with peers and the BCCI.


It is clear that with Sourav Ganguly as an Indian coach would never take a backward step. Such a strategy in tests can be a benefit as well as a disadvantage. On the other hand, Rahul Dravid is doing well as Rajasthan Royals coach/mentor and has even experience of training players like Deepak Hooda, Sanju Samson and Ajinkya Rahane. In addition, Dravid reads the game better and knows how to implement the plans in the middle of the game. As of now, Dravid seems to be a better choice as he possesses the focus and temperament required in a coach.
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  • RE: Better Coach For Indian Team: Sourav Ganguly or Rahul Dravid? -Ruchir Joshi (05/02/15)
  • I don't think, we, as an off-field citizen of India can actually give appropriate views with respect to this topic. These two players are legendary, no doubt; but giving a ruling on their on-field interaction, cohesive playing temperament, cricketing mind, mentoring skills, handling of junior players, after only watching their on-field cricketing forte can be immensely illogical, not to mention unfair.
    Sorry for this damp and diplomatic argument but that's what I feel.