Bharat Mala: Key Features

Bharat Mala: Key Features

Question : What Sagar Mala is to maritime development, Bharat Mala is to development of roadways in India. Discuss the key features of Bharat Mala envisioned by India’s PM, Narendra Modi.

• Bharat Mala is a new project under which 5000 km of road network is to be built alongside borders and coastal areas

• It is to Indian roadways what the Golden Quadrilateral was to highway development

• New Bharat Mala scheme will connect untouched areas in the hinterland for pushing development as well as economic activities

• Construction of this network will cost INR 50,000 crore

• Road network will pass through the following border states:

- Nepal
- Bangladesh
- China
- Pakistan
- Bhutan

• It will also cover a vast coastline

• project will ensure a road exists where there is currently none

• It will provide connectivity to ports, interlinking with the goals of Sagar Mala

• Major stretches of the Bharat Mala roadways are:

- Rajasthan-1000 km
- Tamil Nadu-600 km
- West Bengal-300 km
- Odisha-400 km
- Uttarakhand-300 km

• Aim is to provide road connectivity along the borders as well as ports on coastline

• Roadways envisaged under Bharat Mala will provide connectivity from Gujarat in the west to Mizoram in the north east

• It will cross all major states

• The width of roads will differ depending on the state and the traffic demand

• Project is slated for completion in the next 5 years

Facts and Stats

• Bharat Mala will connect a total of 12 states

• It will provide road connectivity to border regions in a structured way

• Expertise of BRO/Border Roads Organisation will be taken for rougher terrains

• Bharat Mala will provide easier access to border areas for armed forces and boost trade via the land route
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  • The estimated cost of the project is around 5 lac crores and not 50,000 crores
  • RE: Bharat Mala: Key Features -Swapan kundu (11/07/17)
  • What will be the width of the road
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