BHEL Placement - Technical Questions

BHEL Placement - Technical Questions

Some of the technical questions asked in the past few years at BHEL exam are:

• 741 IC is _____

• Nuclear and Thermal are used as _______

• Which memory is allocated for LIFO?

• Which type of intermediate stages does an cascade amplifier has?

• Which plant carries the maximum number of auxiliaries?

• Which is the first law applicable in thermodynamics?

• What do hand driven tools use?

• State an example of semi - conductor?

a. Germanium
b. Silicon
c. Diamond
d. Sulphur

• Cable insulation resistance is

a. Inversely proportional to length
b. Directly proportional to length
c. Inversely proportional to width
d. Directly proportional to width

• Coupling is used when the shafts are not inline

• What is the unit of entropy?

• Which of the following is not related to C.I. Engine:

a. Fuel pump
b. Governor
c. Carburettor
d. Flywheel
e. Fuel injector

• Two bikes travel in the same direction at 40km/hr at a regular distance. A bike comes in the opposite direction at 60km/hr. It meets each bike in a gap of 8 seconds. What is the distance between the two bikes?

• What is the product of Cupola called?

• Radiation heat transfer is directly proportional to _________________

• What is stroboscope used to measure?

• Air at 20C blows over a hot plate 50 by 75 cm maintained at 250C. The convective heat transfer coefficient is 25W/m2. Calculate the heat transfer.

• If you have to cut concrete, stone and masonry, which abrasive cut off wheel should be used as per your analysis?

• The secondary critical speed of a shaft occurs at __________
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