Bioinformatics and duties of Bioinformatics professionals.

What Bioinformatics is all about?

Bioinformatics is the interdisciplinary research area which is related with the use of information technology in the field of molecular biology. Studying this discipline aims at collection, storage, analysis and merging biological data with the use of computer technology and to use the same for the improvement of the quality of life of the individuals. Bioinformatics imparts quite a substantial impact on the areas like human health, agriculture, environment, energy and biotechnology. All this is used for research and development in these areas. Bioinformatics aims to study the fundamental biology of organisms by studying biological information that’s present in the mass of sequence, structure, literature and other biological data.

It helps in production of much better and customized medicines for the prevention and cure of diseases. It also helps in identifying the waste cleanup bacteria and in the production of high yield low maintenance crops.

What are the duties of Bioinformatics professional?

Bioinformatics professionals study the genes and interpret and analyze the data related to identify the same for the development and disease cause of the organisms, be it plant, animal or human beings. To analyze this large amount of data, they design and apply the databases. Scientists in this field molecular datasets for the purpose of clinical research. As per the demand of the research projects Bioinformatics professionals develops new software applications or improve the current ones. They also create their own web based bioinformatics tools.

They also publish and present their findings through various means.
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