Biophysics and different fields for specialization

What is the study of Biophysics?

To apply the principles of mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics in studying the living cells and organisms is Biophysics. The methods of physics and chemistry are applied to study the biological system. Being an interdependent science discipline, it explains the biological function in terms of molecular structures and their properties. It studies the structure and fine structures, bioelectric phenomena, radiation effects, molecular behavior, photosynthesis, membrane and modeling.

Which are the different specialization fields in Biophysics?

Being a vast field to study, the aspirants in Biophysics can opt for specific fields to specialize in and to further grow their career in same. Some of the specialized fields are:

- Agro physics

- Mathematical Biophysics, deals in explaining the behavior of living organisms on the basis of mathematical theory.

- Theoretical Biophysics uses physical theory to study biological systems.

-Medical Biophysics. It is the study that uses physics to describe or effect biological processes mainly for the purpose of medical application.

- Systems Biology.

- Origin of life.
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