Black Is Good

Black Is Good


Many a times, people avoid wearing color ‘black’ stating it as an inauspicious color that brings adversity to the family. Even the females who are black-colored are hardly considered as beautiful. There are many other instances seen in the daily life that indicate people don’t like black color. Black market, black day, black Monday, etc everything that is bad is termed as black. Today let us debate on the topic - ‘Black is good’ so as to know what the views of today’s generation are:


1. The color of coal is black which is used to meet the energy demands of various segments. It is used for residential as well as the commercial purposes.

2. The color of kajal is black, and it is used to enhance the beauty of eyes. So, a thing that increases beauty can never be bad.

3. Black is one such color which when mixed with other colors never loses its identity. It remains black denoting that no matter what it is superior to other colors.

4. Black pepper provides relief from various health problems including but not restricted to coughs, anemia, muscular strains, dental disease and many others.

5. Nelson Mandela is a famous personality who worked to end apartheid in South Africa. He belonged to black community but is a respectable personality all over world.


1. Darkness is associated with black color and when there is darkness people loses their visibility of things. It ultimately creates problem for people.

2. Black when mixed with other color tends to convert them into black. It indicates that people with negative deeds are harmful for all other people in the society.

3. Sometimes in certain cases, or if the oxygen level drops, the blood color tends to appear almost black. It indicates that black is a sign of problems.

4. In the longer term, black coffee has been linked with an increased risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and high cholesterol.

5. In darkness, it is not possible to click the pictures. There is always requirement of light to get clear view of things.


There is nothing like good or bad, it is only our perception that gives meaning to an object. Black is nothing but a simple color. It cannot be termed as good or bad. What really matters is the benefits and disadvantages of black-colored things. If they offer benefits, black is good, and if they create problems, black is bad. It is equally applicable for black-colored people. Black is just the color of skin, and it can never define a person’s character.
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  • RE: Black Is Good -Rohit kumar jain (05/31/15)
  • There is nothing like good or bad its just a human mentality that he think black colour is bad or some think black colour is good there is nothing like that its just a colour which suits on human personality
  • RE: Black Is Good -Mandeep Singh (05/25/15)
  • Everything has two aspects which both give pros and cons, advantages and loss, and so-so. It is very essential to consider both aspects at a same time.
    1. Darkness is associated with black color and when there is darkness people loses their visibility of things but many people share/consider their problems and get comfort with their loneliness in the dark.
    2. Black when mixed with other color tends to convert them into black. It indicates that black has an ability to lead anything with its way it is symbol of determination which teach us to be determined.
    3. Dark/Black chocolate reduces the risk of heart diseases.
    4. In darkness, it is not possible to click the pictures; darkness is not for clicking or making the pictures. It is to reduce our tension and to relax our brain. As an example when we turn to sleep everything seem to be dark.
    5. If black were so bad, red-tapism would be called black tapism. If black color brings adversity, darkness will give us time to think how to get rid of this problem.

    Thus, there are two type of people Optimist and Pessimist. We should look to the bright side because every bright side is pushed and followed by dark side.
    These are only our perceptions to do or not to do that’s associated with our daily routine and system. Nothing can be good or bad, bright or dark, and empty or full it is only the way of thinking “how do you think and what do you think”.
  • RE: Black Is Good -Abhishek (05/25/15)
  • Black color shows gracefulness for example consider a black colored objects esp. vehicles and clothes show attitude and pride.
    Next, guys who are tall-dark are considered as handsome so black color is actually attractive in this case.
    I guess there is no connection between all bad things being called as black and black color things being actually bad, according to me things are always have two sides take the example of a coin: head or tail, similarly black is the opposite of white and white is associated with purity and cleanliness hence I guess black being the exact opposite got its 'face value' as bad.
    Thus it depends on the outlook of individuals how they categorize the color: Black.