Blue Star Placement Test - Technical Questions from previous years

Blue Star Placement Test - Technical Questions from previous years

Here are a few questions that have been asked in the technical round of the placement test at Blue Star during last some years:

1. Why are rain drops spherical?

2. What causes global warming?

3. Name the refrigerant used in vapour absorption cycle?

4. What is Tachometer used to measure?

5. Why mercury is used in manometer?

6. What is Anemometer used to measure?

6. How is pressure drop in air duct influenced?

7. What is the material used of heat exchanger tubes?

8. What will happen to the efficiency of IC engine by increasing the intake air temperature?

10. What is the expansion in a vapour compression cycle called?

11. What is the Anti-freeze agent used called?

12. What does Montreal protocol limits the use of?

13. What is barometer used to measure?

14. In what is the power factor least?

A. capacitance
B. resistance
C. inductance

15. What is the work of throttling process?

16. What is the check waves used to ensure?

17. What is the Bypass factor of a cooling coil called?

18. What is cop in Air conditioning and how we calculate it.

19. How much is one ton of refrigeration equal to in btu/hr?

20. 1 hp is equal to how much watt?

21. For a laminar flow Reynolds flow should be less than 2000 or more than 2000?

22. What is the index called that normally reflects laminar flow in a tube?

23. Aspect ratio of a rectangular duct is the ratio between what factors?

24. What is the degree of saturation ratio of?

25. What does the loudness of sound depend on ?

26. The index that normally reflects laminar flow in a tube is called?

27. What will happen if the NPSH requirements of a pump are not satisfied?

28. Approach of a cooling tower is the difference between temperatures of what factors?

29. A parallel flow heat exchanger will perform better than a counter flow heat exchanger. State if the statement is true or false.
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