Brakes Placement Paper - Selection Process and Test Pattern

About Brakes

Brakes was established in 1958 and is headquartered in Ashford, United Kingdom. It is a distribution company that supplies food, drink and other products mainly catering in countries like, UK, France and Sweden.

Here, I am going to share the selection and interview process conducted in campus placement at Brakes.

Selection Process at Brakes

The selection process at Brakes consists of four rounds:

1. General Aptitude
2. Technical Test
3. Group Discussion
4. Final Interview

The first round is General Aptitude. It consists of 25 questions to be completed in 15 minutes. It is an elimination round. Questions will be asked from Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Reasoning and General Knowledge.

Some sample questions are:

1. In a group of 15, 7 have studied French, 8 have studied Russian and 3 have not studied either. How many of these studied both French and Russian?

2. The remainder is 29, when a number is divided 56. If the same number is divided by 8, then what is the remainder?

3. Who introduced the electron pair bond?

The second round is Technical Test. It consists of 75 questions that is to be completed in 30 minutes. Candidates must prepare well for the technical test. You can expect questions like,

1. Why chromium is used in steel alloys?

2. What is Pascal's Law?

Third round is Group Discussion. Topics that are asked in this round are related to marketing like, Advertising is all glitter and no substance, Consumer is the king in today's market etc. It is also an elimination round. So, candidates must prepare well for GD.

Personal Interview at Brakes

Last round is Final Interview. In this, questions are asked from technical field and HR field. Overall, the process takes 1 hour to complete. Some of the questions that can be asked are:

1. What is spring constant?

2. What is focal length and power of dioptre or lens?

I hope this information of campus placement will be useful to the readers.
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