Break ups are start ups

Break ups are start ups

Break ups are startups. Well whenever we hear the term break up there's just a single interpretation and that is the relation between a girl and boy. But break ups hold more meanings than just one stupid equation. Look around and you will find that even you are a part of the breakups? Now that break up is a start up or end, lets see.


• When we talk about the normal break up between two people who are in love then definitely it is not the end of world. It is said that life is there after death then how can it end when break up is just a passing phase of life.

• Break up from the addictive habits is the way to start life anew. It requires courage to get out of the old habits and face the world by winning your fears.

• Break up from the old conservative principles is a beginning of new life. Society started afresh by doing a permanent break up from the ill practices like sati and early marriages.

• Break up from old routine jobs is an opportunity to start life as an entrepreneur. Dhirubhai Ambani is the leading example.

• Break up from social media for some time is the trick to give way to real emotions in life. It will allow the people to meet real relations.

• Break up from the failing government and taking a step ahead to vote right government is a start to the economic success.


• Break up from honesty and the beginning of life which is full of corruption is like one step going back in life.

• Break up from parents and sending them to the old age homes is a complete failure. How can someone start their life by considering their parents as burden?

• Break up with the respect for the woman is insulting like one’s own mother. No society can flourished where women is a product of sexual assault.

• Break up from education is the end of road which leads to economic and social success. The future of country with high illiteracy rate will always stay in dark.

• Break ups in a love marriage is a failure which shows that society is loosing the value of relationships and commitment. The present society is witnessing high rate of divorces especially in metros.


Sometimes break ups are start ups and provides the people with an opportunity to start anew. If these break ups are from conservative thoughts, relations and habits then definitely it is a good start otherwise all break ups will end up in complete failure.
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  • RE: Break ups are start ups -Deepa Kaushik (04/12/14)
  • Break up can be amended or tried to be voided and start afresh, but the scar always remains. So it is not wise to call the break up as a start up. The term Start up denotes starting something fresh, with new outlook and vigour. Though we try to maintain the freshness with the superadded perfumes, but the aroma of the genuine product differs from them.

    When we call break up, it definitely has an evident underlying cause which has strained the relationship or the habit. It’s good to try break up the bad habits and virtues in life and start up again. Even with the underlying scar of the broken piece, the restarted life could be lot better in comparison to the unethical and undesired values in life.

    It is totally the individual outlook towards life as to how to perceive the break up and take up the initiative to move ahead with the flow of life. Rather than lingering with the strained relationship, it’s always better to put a stop to it and move ahead with new phase of life. Here starting up does not mean that the break up has completely vanished from the mind. Every habit, every relationship holds back some good and bad memories, these memories always remain deep within our hearts.

    As the memories sooner or later come up someday, rather than calling the “break up” as a start up, it could be called the “practical implication of life”.