BSNL Campus Placement - Procedure, information and some questions

BSNL Campus Placement - Procedure, information and some questions

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited commonly known as BSNL is an Indian telecommunication company and is headquartered in New Delhi.
Candidates from the engineering colleges and from the electronics and communication stream are the most preferred candidates for BSNL.
The recruitment process consists of a written test which is of 3 hours. The written test is subdivided into 3 sections, i.e. engineering stream paper – I, engineering stream paper – II, general ability test paper – III.

The questions in the engineering stream papers I & II will be based on the subjects that you have studied in your engineering degree whereas, questions based in the general ability test paper are based on questions from the aptitude section and assess the candidate’s general knowledge.

Some of the questions asked in the test papers in last years are:

LVDT is used as a:

a. Temperature
b. Displacement transducer
c. Pressure transducer
d. Any of the above

What does SIM stand for?

a. Serial Interface Memory
b. Serial interrupt Mask
c. Set If Minus
d. Set internal Memory

What is the code of ASCII?

a. 7 bit
b. 16 bit
c. 32 bit
d. 8 bit

Who amongst the following Indian stars was not selected for wax statues in the Madam Tussad’s?

a. Salman Khan
b. Amitabh Bachhan
c. Raj Kapoor
d. Shahrukh Khan

RBC’s are formed in which part of the body?

a. Bone Marrow
b. Kidney
c. Liver
d. Heart

Join the below given sentences with the following options.

There are two sets. One of them caught fire.

a. And
b. Nor
c. Either
d. Neither
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