C++ Interview Questions - Wipro

1) Define function pointers with its syntax and example?

2) What is the use of pointers? Why do we use it?

3) Explain the difference between Structures and Unions? Write one example of it.

4) What is hashing? Why it is frequently used as a replacement of arrays?

5) Write a program to implement the Hash table?

6) What is the major difference between Compile time and run time error?

7) Why Java is used so much to create applications? How it is different from other languages?

8) Describe applet life cycle phases?

9) Which of the following operators can’t be overloaded in C++?
A) ?: B) [] C) + D) &

10) What is the output of the following program?
int n=f, m;
n== m++;
a) 0 b) 10 c) Garbage value d) None of the above

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